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After each photo tour we request each of our clients to complete an evaluation form and return their favorite images for our photo gallery. Our clients experience the best that photographic adventure has to offer. Many of them travel with us year after year – here’s why:

The trip was a 10 our of 10, as well as the photo instructor. Favorite part was I loved the food, especially the meal at the farm house in Ragusa and being part of the life of that family, if for just one day. These trips are about being immersed in the culture of the location. Meeting new  photographers who share their passion along the way is an added benefit.

S Doner

Tom is the Best!!! Can always ask a question and Tom would be there to answer, point out great shots etc.

C Schweitzer

I've been on over 20 trips with Tom since 2007, his enthusiasm never waivers.  He and the trip were a 10 our of 10!!!

J Campbell

David's help was outstanding. He was always available and great communication.

M. Raguin

Ron was great, not only was he open and knowledgeable as an instructor, but a wonderful person. Couldn’t have asked for better.

N. Taveras - Japan

Your talk on photography and the spirituality of photography was a great revelation for me as I have always felt this way about it myself. Your talk was the affirmation I had been searching for. It was great beyond words to be participating with a group of Artists who were as passionate as I about photography and image making. 

M. McLaughlin - Japan

Ron was great, as usual – very open, fair, positive, and inspiring. Stefan was wonderful – extremely knowledgeable about Iceland and just about everything. Never stopped working.

N. Taveras - Greenland/Iceland

Known as a land of fire and ice, Iceland’s topography is stark and diverse, with a light that seems to emanate from within.  In a land subject to violent forces of nature, Ron’s quiet, yet powerful, vision is able to capture the country’s pristine beauty.  Many of his images of snow patterns, broken ice, surf, and lava, tend to create abstract patterns that draw the viewer in. And, throughout the book, Ron evocatively captures the softness of waterfalls and swirling tides, as well as the power of lava formations and sea stacks. Even if you have been to Iceland, one is mysteriously touched by the haunting landscape.  And, if, like me, you haven’t been there – his captivating photographs make you long to visit this vast, unspoiled country

S. Corbin - Greenland/Iceland
B. Hamilton

Photo By: Kathy Adams Clark

So many good experiences, good hotels and ecolodges for birds, great food everywhere, each location had specialties that made it well worth the travel. Every trip has special moments, and this trip had many!!!

B. Hamilton

I'd like to add my thanks: to my photo leaders, for teaching me new skills and boosting my confidence, to Leonel for sharing your abundant knowledge of and love for your country, to Jacque for flawless (yes, flawless!) organization of the trip, and to all of my new friends, for welcoming me into your lives to share this adventure. This trip was fabulous. The photo opportunities were everywhere.I learned a great deal about photography and the country. The travel arrangements were flawless.

B. Baron
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