Joel Collins

Joel Collins
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Tanzania Photo Tour Safari May 9th, 2020

Joel is a professional photographer with a life long passion for international travel. His love of travel started at age three when his family moved to Europe. He spent the next several years traveling across Europe and North Africa, learning to love living out of a suitcase. The enthusiasm of that young world traveler is still alive in him today. Now he explores the globe with camera in hand, looking forward to each new adventure as an opportunity to capture another glimpse of the world.

Joel approaches travel photography with an emphasis on cultural sensitivity and respect. He has a patient approach, often trying to blend in with the local population and getting to know someone before taking their photo. Joel approaches instruction in the same way. He takes the time to learn about each student, working with them to conquer technical issues so they can better cultivate their own style and refine their unique vision of the world.

We could not have had better local guides. All very informative, friendly, candid and incredibly knowledgeable. Loved all three of them. Joel prepared extensively for this trip and it showed, from his background knowledge of where we were going to his recommendations on how to best capture a certain scene. His graciousness with the local people we encountered set good examples, both for setting up optimum portrait opportunities and for being an excellent diplomat for the US. He did a good job leading the critiques as well.

E. Phillips

You could ask Joel anything about photography such as use of your camera, software, or workflows, he would thoughtfully and respectfully give you his opinion and advice. On top of that people just naturally gravitate to him, you couldn’t walk down a street without children following him like the pied piper. I learned a lot of lessons from him that trip, not just about photography, but how to approach life in general. I would be honored to travel with him again.

E. Phillips

Joel is a natural instructor and "cultural ambassador". My photography has improved tremendously due to his instruction and encouragement. Prior to his trips, I was hesitant to approach people for their photos, but he shows us how to study a scene, be friendly, and ask permission to work with people, with wonderful portraits as the result! Now I can approach just about anyone with my camera and a smile and have a great experience where everyone is comfortable. Joel is always available to work one-on-one with us to address any areas of interest, such as challenging lighting situations, or varying our depth of field for the desired effects. And his critiques are fun and so helpful, challenging us to take chances with awesome results. He's an exceptional photographic leader. 

K.  Hornsby

Joel is kind, smart, funny and knowledgeable. He spent time with each of us individually as well as a group. He made an effort to find out what I was interested in and tweak it. He pushed me to work on my weaker areas such as photographing people and I overcame my reluctance to approach strangers I was interested in.

L. Ellis

Joel was a fabulous leader!! He was patient, friendly, and spent huge amounts of his time answering questions and educating. I would definitely go on another trip with him.

L Rose

Joel is a talented travel photographer and a natural at teaching and inspiring fellow shutterbugs to take their skills to the next level. His warm and caring demeanor, easy smile, laid back personality, and attention to detail make him an excellent photo leader. Joel was readily available for one-on-one instruction in addition to group lectures and informal critiques. I hope to travel with him again.

S. VanManen
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