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“Seize the Exquisite Moment!” is Rose Erato’s signature tour opportunity for women seeking visual and culinary adventure in Italy. Rose combines her 25-year career in interior design and event planning with her talents and vision as an artist and photographer to create an Italian experience of stunning beauty, sublime cuisine, and insider surprises. As an experienced photo workshop leader and instructor, Rose teaches photography using techniques honed for sophisticated digital cameras, point-and-shoot, and even cell phones. Rose’s expertise is seizing opportunities from the best of Italy’s rich heritage to show participants how to use light, composition, and color to develop and enhance their own, individual artistic vision --- with a camera, with fashion, and within their homes. Rose’s groups are intimate experiences for women who seek to find the hidden delights available only to those who have travelled intimately behind the scenes. 

My daughter and I joined Rose Erato on a Strabo photo tour of Africa this past June.  We have both traveled internationally on many occasions but never with a tour group.  After traveling with Rose, I can honestly say that this was the best vacation we have ever experienced.  All preparations were set up to make our trip smooth and the lodgings and transportation were exceptional.  Rose was always caring for our needs and went beyond our expectations on comfort and safety.  Her energy and passion for photography were boundless.  She was knowledgeable, helpful, exuberant, and just so much fun.  I can honestly say that any tour I plan in the future will be with Rose.  My daughter now considers Rose as a second mom.  There are no adequate words to describe how highly we both recommend Rose Erato as a tour leader!

R. Capps

If you’ve ever dreamed of knowing a place like an “insider,” travel with Rose Erato. My first photo workshop with Rose was in my hometown, but we went places I didn’t know existed and photographed sights I will never see again. Rose delivers the key ingredient for a great vacation: access to unique experiences. I had so much fun, I traveled with her again on a Strabo African Safari. Each day was a string of exotic adventures; the overall impact was like visiting a different planet. Rose and Strabo arranged brilliantly creative outings and took care of every detail. We followed an intricate itinerary that included don’t-miss sights and only-for-us opportunities. Rose’s inventive spirit, fun-loving camaraderie, and insightful photographic instruction ensured that we all arrived home with soaring memories, brilliant photographs, and new friendships.

N. Howe

Thank you Rose for making our trip so amazing.  We had a wonderful time with you and will always remember the great experience we had with you as our tour leader.  Our photos of Africa are awesome. 

S. & Z. Lankford
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