Tracey Landworth & Santino Zafarana

Tracey Landworth & Santino Zafarana
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Tracey Landworth & Santino Zafarana have been professional photographers and educators since 1985, as well as being the owners of Creative Photography Workshops, a premier photography school in Los Angeles, teaching the fine art of photography to students from all over the world. There passion and love of photography has taken them all around the United States, Europe, and Mexico, with personal interests in architecture, landscapes, and travel photography. Their works have been exhibited in galleries in New York and California, as well as various magazines. With master’s degrees in photography, this dynamic duo are hands on, helping students understand how to truly see, and learn techniques to help them get great looking images. They have already inspired hundreds through their workshops, helping photographers achieve and personalize their photographic goals. Their goal is for photography to be a creative journey…an enlightening, fun, and positive experience.

In my thirty years of photography classes and tutoring, often with very noted photographers my progress was slow. I have good equipment and a good eye - but was stalled. Tracey and Santino has the unique capacity to analyze and teach in simple terms what works and what does not. Additionally, their spirit and upbeat nature makes learning a pleasure. They has the capacity to grasp where you want to go photographically and get you there - or at least on your way. Their creative techniques are challenging, useful and fun.

D. Meltzer

I have taken photographs for half of my life, but had never known how to use a camera other than on auto. Tracey and Santino teach the use of a camera by giving assignments that force the student to practice the concept.  It becomes second nature to use f-stops, shutter speeds, and ISO's.  They brings an enthusiasm to the photography tours that is contagious.  They has a gift for zeroing in on all the elements that make a photo work (compostion, exposure, creativity, experimentation, etc.) and what parts take away from its success.  Their criticisms are always spot on and very insightful.  Her assignments are inspirational, fun, and always educational.  It has been a treat over the past few years to grow in my work and creativity with her support and guidance.   

J. Woods

The photo courses and tours here are top notch.  The material is presented in a hands-on manner with lectures kept to a minimum while learning is not.  I came in loving photography, but with a pretty basic knowledge.  In 3 classes Tracey and Santino had us shooting on manual mode .  I've now taken 2 series classes and tours and seen my photographs improving greatly, both in technical skill and creativity. It's also a luxury to have photo classes and tours that are small in size so there is a lot of individual attention. I can't recommend creative photo workshops enough, you will start taking the photograph you always want to take.

L. Andrews

I have truly loved and benefited from taking photography classes and tours from Tracey and Santino. Their creativity, thoughtfulness and individual attention has taken me to new heights I never knew existed.  This is true for taking photographs in areas I had never explored and as elementary as to how a camera and flash attachment actually work.  Their knowledge, experience and dynamic enthusiasm has helped make me a better photographer and to continually learn more.

F. Damon
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