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Jed Manwaring is an accomplished photographer and teacher. His travel, environmental and nature photographs have appeared in a variety of magazines including Alaska Airlines, International Wildlife Conservation, Navigator, Outdoor Photographer, Outside, Sierra, Sunset, Via, and Wilderness Society magazines, as well as in books, calendars and cards. Jed’s passion for photography and teaching make him an amazing instructor and enthusiastic leader.

Jed taught basic photography at the College of Marin for 14 years and continues helping others make better pictures when on photo tours and workshops. He has worked in a variety of challenging situations, including running the Colorado River in a dory, sea kayaking in Costa Rica, llama trekking, and exploring in Italy, Mexico, Hawaii, and throughout the west.

Note from Instructor: “Workshops and photo tours are a fantastic way to develop your personal vision and refine your skills while having a great time in a wonderful location. I’m always available to offer advice and critique of images.”

I really enjoyed Brenda’s style of talking as we were on the bus. Very informative without being too formal. Lots of chances to learn as we took photos as well – in early morning or in evening. Got some great tips from Jed as I was photographing on various occasions. Very responsive to our questions with NO judgement about our skill levels. I have told many people that this was the best or one of the two best trips I have ever been on. The leaders great, group jelled fabulously and for me, traveling with all photographers was amazing.

— Nancy Hauserman

All in all a wonderful trip – I Enjoyed my fellow travelers, friendly Cubans, and I don’t think I ever felt safer as I did in Cuba. I thought the mix of group photography and time to wnader around on our own was about right!!

— Lois James

Welcome back to you! Chris and I just returned from our own extension to Venice you planned for us.  Wonderful!!! Loved every minute…! Many thanks to everyone who took part in the planning…and to Brenda and Jed for the expert  execution of the plan!

— Gretchen Taylor