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Randy Ziegler is a Texas-based internationally published and respected natural light photographer with over 40 years behind the lens. His photographs appear in books, corporate installations, and private collections. During his career, he has photographed several world-renowned people including the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Former First Lady Barbara Bush and Lesley Stahl with 60 Minutes. Randy is a visual storyteller using his camera to capture life in response to the moments when the play of light, the drama of color, and the gestures of life unfold before him.

Randy is the recipient of several awards and recognitions including the Mayo Clinic Karis Humanitarian Award, the International Print Media Communicator Award of Excellence, and the Platinum MarCom Creative Award. A contributing photographer for Nikon, his work can be seen on the Nikon Learn & Explore website, Nikon tradeshows, and social media properties. Where some of his published work has appeared: Mayo Clinic, New York Times, Nikon, Business Week, Four Seasons Hotels, and Newsweek-Japan.

A graduate of Concordia University, Minnesota he also attended the Rochester Institute of Technology College of Graphic Arts and Photography, New York where he strengthen his knowledge of illustrative photography. Randy continues to expand his education and share his passion for photography by teaching photographers at his workshops, photo tours, and lectures.

“I strive in my workshops to help photographers appreciate and become more sensitive to the natural, organic quality of light and color in the world around them. I also work with them to elevate their awareness of how natural light and color can further enhance and reveal the essence of their subjects. A major theme of my photography tours is teaching photographers to see better. The hallmark of a good photographer is to be able to see something most people never notice, and bring the necessary artistic elements together to create a memorable photograph. In the end, to take great images you have to see greatly. I want to energize their seeing so that they will leave my tours with a renewed confidence in their ability to capture the enchanted moments of life that may never happen again.”

One year ago I was exploring photography trips and came across Strabo Tours. For numerous reasons, I chose to participate in “The Contrast and Colors of Morocco” – March 5 -17 2016.  Randy Ziegler led this tour. In preparation for this trip I contacted Randy and asked numerous questions about what to bring on the trip with an emphasis on equipment.  Randy responded enthusiastically and provided subtle suggestions for additions to my existing equipment and was sensitive to my budget. Due to Randy’s positive energy and wise council during the preparation for this trip, I arrived in Morocco with the proper equipment for my ability. I was overwhelmed by Morocco … its sights, smells, light and culture.  Everything met or exceeded my expectations regarding accommodations, knowledgeable local guide, convenience of travel and meals.  But I didn’t go on this tour just for a great travel experience with a camera in hand, I went to learn, to improve my photographic skills to take the best shots I could. Randy took the time to review all the settings on my camera and make suggestions to get better pictures.  In addition to looking for light, colour, and gesture, as is Randy’s mantra, I found I was looking at potential shots differently.Yes the trip to Morocco coupled with Randy’s tutelage enabled me to broaden my perspective on what I see through the lens. My learning curve did not end when I stepped of the plane in Toronto. I found I was more eager to experiment with my camera and with postproduction software.  I played with every setting on my camera. A year has come and gone since I first decided to participate in the Strabo tour and that tour is still having an impact on what see through my lens.  I want to thank Jacque for making the trip possible and Randy for sharing photographic nuggets during the trip and being a positive resource afterwards.

— D. Windsor

Jack and I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful workshop. The experience was invaluable. We particularly love traveling and learning with a group that enjoys photography as much as we do. Above all, we appreciate your instruction. You are always so willing to share your expertise, wisdom and insights. Bravo!

— Phyllis

I observed your passion – to see a glimpse through your eyes – walking (sometime running) to see the shot that is sometimes a fleeting moment. To watch you get excited – and willing to share your expertise. That is so rare – especially someone at your level – to work with people such as myself who have no clue.  I hope your plans for future workshops will include the same format for the participants – to observe and actively participate ‘in the process’.  You, my friend, are a Master Teacher.

— janice

I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent with me.  What a special day.  I think I had brain overload but in such a good way.  Your enthusiasm to pass along your wonderful gift is incredible.

— Connie