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About Tillman

Tillman Crane is a veteran photographer specializing in the creation of platinum/palladium photographs. Artist and teacher, Crane has been professionally involved with photography for over thirty- five years. He uses available light, texture and space to bring the spirit of the ordinary and extraordinary in his photographs.

A skilled teacher, Crane offers workshops for all levels of expertise and camera formats in a variety of locations, for his own as well as other photography workshop venues. These Spirit of Structure workshops include locations in the US, Scotland & the Orkney Islands, Japan and China. Crane also teaches the craft of platinum printing for groups and private individuals.

Crane has published four limited edition books: Tillman Crane/Structure (2001), Touchstones (2005), Odin Stone (2008) and A Walk Along the Jordan (2009). The Alchemy of Light (2016) is a hard cover catalogue of his solo exhibit of over 100 platinum prints at the National Art Museum of China, Beijing. Crane also collaborates with collectors to create one-of-a-kind handmade books of his platinum/palladium prints.