Photo by: Kathy Adams Clark
Location: Alhambra Granada Spain

Spain from Seville to Granada and Beyond to Basque Country

Estimated Land Cost

  • Fall under the spell of Andalusia, Spain.
  • Photograph the impressive architecture of Granada’s Alhambra, Seville’s Alcazar, Cordoba’s Mosque, and more.
  • Ronda, and the enchanting ‘white-town route’, villages strung together, draped along hillsides under their castles.
  • Photograph the beautiful patios, flowers, gardens, Roman and Moorish monuments, and bullrings.
  • Stay in the heart of each location, taking early morning and dusk photo walks with Kathy Adams Clark.
  • Travel beyond to Basque Country on the optional extension.





October 8-19, 2022


11 days

Available Post-Trip Extension

Optional Basque Country Extension


per person, double occupancy*

*U.S. dollars based upon minimum of 8 participants. There is a small group surcharge of $500 if 6 or 7 participants. We try to accommodate travelers who request single accommodations, as well as travelers who are looking for a roommate. If a single room is requested (subject to availability), or if we are unable to find a suitable roommate, there is a single room surcharge of $795.

Tour Overview

Fall under Spain’s magical spell: Andalusia (Spanish Andalucia) is outside the major cities and is considered somewhat “off the beaten path”. It is undoubtedly the most exotic and stunning region in all of Spain. The beauty of it’s remarkable architecture and breathtaking landscape will entrance you, while the diversity and warmth of it’s culture will captivate you.

If this rugged landscape could speak, it would testify to untold battles and conquests by both...

Fall under Spain’s magical spell: Andalusia (Spanish Andalucia) is outside the major cities and is considered somewhat “off the beaten path”. It is undoubtedly the most exotic and stunning region in all of Spain. The beauty of it’s remarkable architecture and breathtaking landscape will entrance you, while the diversity and warmth of it’s culture will captivate you.

If this rugged landscape could speak, it would testify to untold battles and conquests by both Moors and later Christian forces. These remarkable people left behind some of the finest architectural examples of their refined culture. Many regard Granada and the fabulous high Sierra Nevada as the hub of this astonishing region. The first view of the Sierra Nevada; a majestic hunched, spine of rock glistening with its mantle of snow in very early spring is a memory that abides forever. Directly behind the great hulk of the Sierra Nevada lie the fertile hills and valleys of Las Alpujarras. Travel to Ronda, and photograph the white-town route, there is also Zahara, Arcos de la Frontera and the plains of Jerez. Seville, being the centerpiece of romantic Spain. You are certain to feel, and encouraged to capture the flamenco spirit in your heart as well as through your lens. Cordoba, a photographer’s delight, has enough subjects and light conditions to fill albums. Venture to Andalusia with Kathy Adams Clark on this amazing journey.

Photo Leader

Kathy Adams Clark

What a fantastic trip!  Spain was mindblowing – opening up new vistas not explored before.  And what a great group.  I feel like I was among the best of creative geniuses on this trip.  I have no intention of comparing myself to others.  I just keep on learning.

— Carol Hug

Tour Itinerary

October 8: Home

There are overnight flights from the U.S./Canada to Seville, Spain (SVQ). Those NOT on the extension will fly round trip to Seville, those ON the extension will fly into Seville and home from Bilbao (BIO).

October 9-10: Seville - Cordoba

Group transfer time from the Seville Airport to Cordoba hotel will be announced. There will be an introductory meeting late this afternoon, followed by a welcome dinner and a walk to introduce you to the sights around your hotel. Cordoba is a photographer’s delight, a Roman bridge still crosses the river.

Kathy will organize an early morning photography walk the next day amidst the maze of narrow streets. This will be a full day photographing this magical city. At one time Cordoba had a population of one million, Muslims, Christians, and Jews líving in harmony. We aim to make this a visual tour of Cordoba, with insights on its art, monuments, attractions, culture and everything that makes it a unique city. One of the architectural marvels is the Mosque (Mezquita), a vast square of what seems like endless red-and-white striped arches. You will go inside the famous Cordoba Mosque, Vianna Palace and the synagogue. Overnight Cordoba (D; B, L)

October 11-12: Grenada - Alhambra

Enjoy an early morning photography shoot with Kathy or on your own before moving on to your next location today. After breakfast depart for the City of Granada, located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains at the confluences of two rivers. The backdrop of mountains creates a beautiful setting for this historical city that embraces an artístic grandeur of Moorish palaces and Christian Renaissance treasures. A taste of the city’s appeal is found in Washington Irving’s Tales of the Alhambra, a useful book to read prior to departure.

Kathy will organize a photography walk late this afternoon to the Mirador de San Nicolas for your first view of the Alhambra, at sunset. The following day enjoy a tour of the interior of the Alhambra with your local Granada city guide. Then enjoy photography with Kathy amidst the gardens and this spectacular architecture. Late this afternoon and evening will be another photo shoot with Kathy in the Realejo or El Albaicin neigborhoods located at the foot of the Alhambra. They will take you into hidden streets full of history and charm, sharing with you some of the most stunning views and memories of the city. Overnight Granada (B; B, L)

October 13-14: Ronda

After a morning photo shoot with Kathy, enjoy breakfast at the hotel before continuing west.

Ronda sits on a plateau of a large rock outcropping above the El Tajo gorge. Because of the cliffs, Ronda was one of the last Moorish cities to fall during the Reconquest of Spain by the Catholic monarchs. It certainly takes the prize for picturesque views. You can easily explore its central sights on foot, however, if you choose to take the foot trails up and down the cliffs you will need to be in good physical condition. You will photograph the highlights as well as the off the beaten path neighborhoods. Ronda is steeped in history with the bullring, the Puente Nuevo -18th century bridge, Plaza de la Ciudad and Santa Maria la Mayor Church, take an optional hike up the former mosque tower for a different view.

Kathy will determine a destination for a morning photography walk. There are several optional excursions to ruined Moorish mills, or spectacular waterfall views, and Puente Nuevo. During a mid-day break you may choose to soak in the ancient baths, taking the trail from the Casa del Rey Moro – lavishly furnished mansion with terraced gardens and a flight of 365 stairs cut into the living rock and leading to the river and the Moorish baths. Meet again this evening with Kathy for sunset photography. Overnight Ronda (B; B, L)

October 15: The ‘white-town’ route - Arcos de la Frontera

Leave Ronda behind, connecting with the ‘white-town route’, which is made up of white villages strung together, draped along hillsides under their castles. As you approach Arcos there are marvelous photo ops to capture the setting of the villages. After checking in to the hotel, wander with Kathy through the winding streets of the old town and the Plaza de Espana. Overnight Arcos (B, L)

October 16-18: Seville

Seville boasts of taverns and markets, baroque and gothic churches as well as Renaissance palaces and monasteries. You will have a brief walking tour of Seville from your hotel. Enjoy your evening photographing along narrow, winding medieval lanes through the city, past tapas bars, clubs, and other sites.

The next day highlights of Seville include: street markets, Macarena Gate and Walls, The Cathedral of Seville, and Alcazar. You may wish to return and climb the spire in the late afternoon for the best views. Wander the narrow streets in the Old Jewish Quarter and the Barrio de Santa Cruz. The last full day in Seville, venture outside the old town area to the Plaza de Espana, and photograph the beautiful archticture from the 1929 Expo. Overnight Seville (B, L or D; B; B, L or D)

October 19: Home – or Basque Country Ext.

There will be a group transfer (time to be announced) to the airport for those not on the extension. (B)

Post-Trip Extension

Extension Name

Optional Basque Country Extension




October 19-24, 2022


5 days

* Based upon minimum of 6 participants.

October 19-20: Seville – Bilbao – San Sebastian

Those traveling with Kathy to Basque Country will depart on the group one-way flight (estimated ticket cost included in land cost) to Bilbao this morning. Your driver guide will meet you at the airport and depart on your way to San Sebastian. Enjoy your introductory walking to of the harbor and surrounding beaches. Afterwards enjoy your introduction to the amazing food of the region with a Tapas tasting. San Sebastian is located on the Bay of Biscay, it is a prime location for fresh seafood delivered to the many restaurants lining the streets of Parte Vieja ~ the old town district, and Antigua ~ the oldest and most traditional of San Sebastian’s neighbohoods.

There will be photography sessions in the old town areas, along the Playa de la Concha and promenade, fishing boats along the harbor, and amazing views from Monte Igueldo. Overnight San Sebastian (D; B)

October 21-23: Bilbao and Beyond

After checking out of the hotel you will have another full day of photography before reaching Bilbao for the evening. Close to San Sebastian there is the quaint and much quieter village of Pasai Donibane, and rock formations of Zumaia made famous by the Game of Thrones. Before reaching Bilbao your last photo op for the day is the amazing San Juan Gaztelugatxe. This could be considered saving the best for last if all is aligned including the tides and weather.

The next day travel further afield to Santander, the tides will determine timing of photo ops at Faro de Cabo Mayor, the many Playa or beaches close to Liencres, and the historic village of Santilla del Mar. Return to Bilbao for an evening on your own or time to work on your images

Your last day enjoy a brief walking tour of Bilbao with your guide and photographing in the open air outside the famous Guggenheim Museum. Please note: There is time on your own this afternoon or if you wish to take an optional tour of the interior of the museum we can reserve tickets for you. You can also extend your stay if you wish to see more sights of the city on your own. Let Strabo know and we can make arrangements at the hotel. Overnight Bilbao (B, L; B; B, D)

October 24: Bilbao – Home

Group transfer time will be announced returning you to the airport. (B)