Photo by: Ron Rosenstock
Location: Vinalhaven Maine

Vinalhaven Maine Making Meaningful Photographs

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Check out Ron’s video on YouTube with a brief summary of his Maine Workshop.

“Through photography I have sought to explore the space between the finite and the infinite. For me, photography is on the borderline, the veil between the known and the unknown….a search for what is beyond the doorway of perception. What draws me—what speaks to me—-is the mystery.” ~ Ron Rosenstock


North America


Vinalhaven Maine


June 9-14, 2025


5 days

$2795 in single rooms, double occupancy will be discounted.

per person, double occupancy*

*U.S. dollars based upon minimum of 7 participants. There is a small group surcharge of $300 if 3-6 participants.

Tour Overview

This workshop/tour is designed for photographers of any skill level, and any type of camera. Ron Rosenstock will be showing prints and digital slide shows of before and after  processing of his images. He will demonstrate post capture techniques of contrast control, as well as using digital techniques that are similar to what used to be done in the film dark room. Ron’s goal will be to educate participants as to the unlimited possibilities of image making with any...

This workshop/tour is designed for photographers of any skill level, and any type of camera. Ron Rosenstock will be showing prints and digital slide shows of before and after  processing of his images. He will demonstrate post capture techniques of contrast control, as well as using digital techniques that are similar to what used to be done in the film dark room. Ron’s goal will be to educate participants as to the unlimited possibilities of image making with any camera, including infrared. He will also be demonstrating printing and matting techniques.

Maine is such a truly special place to photograph. Ron has been vacationing in Vinalhaven for many years. It is very much an extension of his backyard, so you will have a great photographic and educational experience. Although Vinalhaven is not your characteristic Maine destination, it provides a wonderful location for a photographic workshop, without the typical New England tourism. As long as the light is good, we try to keep busy photographing, but during mid-day we take a lunch break and travel to our next location. The days are long, so we try to give you some time to catch your breath, download images, and get ready for the next location. Keep in mind that the Maine coast weather forces us to be flexible, so trust Ron’s instincts here! The itinerary below may not be followed to the letter, but not to worry.

There is wireless internet at your accommodations. There is a fee for parking at the Rockland Ferry parking lot along with fee for the ferry. We will notify you if there are other participants living in your area, so you can car pool to Rockland.

If you are considering converting a camera to infrared you can obtain information at, and Ron suggests getting a 720 NM Conversion.  Contact Ron for more info. 

 Ron started leading photo tours in 1967. In those years he has led hundreds of tours to many destinations worldwide. Ron has retired from Clark University after teaching photography there for thirty years. He has published five books of his exquisite black and white photographs: The Light of IrelandHymn to the EarthChiostro (Cloister), Inspirations, Photographs of Iceland, and his color book Journeys. Ron’s work has been featured in over one hundred exhibitions, both in the U.S. and abroad, and his photographs are to be found in the permanent collections of the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA.  Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University, the Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, MA, and the International Center of Photography in New York City.

Ron is happy to share his vision and insights to all who travel with him. Although he now only photographs with a digital camera, his philosophy of teaching hasn’t changed since the early large format film days. He firmly believes that the photograph comes from within, not from without. Meaning you can’t buy creativity, however, you have to learn to recognize that creative spirit within. Ron teaches exercises that will help that creative spirit come to the surface. These may consist of: 1) Entry ways to seeing, 2) photographing in the NOW, 3) practical aspects of printing, exhibiting and getting your work out there. During the photo tour he will teach and use a digital projector several evenings.

Most people who travel with Ron have a basic understanding of how the camera works, and others who know everything about the camera. He doesn’t focus on technical knowledge, rather places the emphasis on a more Zen approach. Ron believes it isn’t necessary to know all the latest digital technique, but it is necessary to know yourself. Please feel free to view Ron’s website and e-mail regarding any questions.

Why do you LOVE nature photography?   By Ron Rosenstock

Let me use some of the same words, Nature photography is LOVE!  Since the very beginning of our species starting to walk upright, we have been recreating nature in various art forms, from cave paintings to digital photography. Technology has changed, but what is most important, hasn’t. The world’s greatest artists have received their inspiration from nature. We are as much a part of nature as nature is a part of us.  For those of us that take the time to smell the flowers, it’s so much more.  Poets but their feelings into words, painters paint and we photograph.  Each image we make is showing us on a deeper level, who we really are. “Listen, my heart, to the whispering of the world.  That is how it makes love to you” Tagore

Fitness and Health

Walks and hikes can be on rough terrain and up to a couple miles in length. Trails can be uneven, slippery. You need to be able to climb uphill or over rocks. All participants need to be agile and able to manage their own gear and luggage in and out of the vehicle. Anyone who is reasonably fit should be able to take part in most of the activities. If you have any special needs or any physical condition that you feel might prevent you from fully participating, please contact Strabo Tours with your concerns (607-423-2525).

Photo Leader

Ron Rosenstock

Vinalhaven was great. I learned new things from Ron and enjoyed the place, which is like another country. We had a fantastic sunset the first night.

— Hope

I had to think for a while about the highlight of the tour. Ron was very open minded about which post processing software was used by the participants. He addressed the general principles of post processing, rather than focusing on a single software product. The inclusiveness of this approach was the highlight of the workshop for me.

— Jeff Wilburn

What is your overall rating of the trip? 10 out of 10. Working with Ron, great leader and teacher. The accommodations were also a 10, a relaxing environment with local great owners. The meeting room was great for our group. Great photo shoot locations. Instruction and the opportunity to talk about photography, all lead by Ron.

— David Pinkham

Ron does a great job of getting us to beautiful places and keeping us very comfortable, and helping us with our photography.  His love for Vinalhaven came through in many ways. Having Ron show us editing was great. I would suggest he do 2 photos per person, though I learned a lot from watching him work on others’ photos. And the matting was very helpful. Leaving with a printed photo all matted and in a protective plastic was great. Vinalhaven is a very special place.  I am so glad we got there. And as per Ron’s style, he took us to hidden away places and privately owned spots. We got much more of a sense of the island through the local people Ron interacted with. I enjoyed getting much more used to IR, Ron’s comments during the week were very helpful regarding the IR. I didn’t use my regular camera on purpose, so I’d have to concentrate on the IR. The group was lovely.

— R & M Thayer

Wonderful! I thank you, Ron, for one of the most memorable experiences I have ever encountered! What a delight. And loved that all the participants were gentle and loving and kind!

— J. Dunne

Just wanted to say “thanks” for a great Tour! Loved the areas you selected. Great crew. Great participants. Great time!

— J. Trunck

Tour Itinerary

June 9: Home - Vinalhaven Maine

Vinalhaven is 15 miles off the coast of Maine from Rockland and it is the largest of the 14 year-round island towns of Maine. You can reach the island by taking the ferry from Rockland. You can leave your car in the parking area by the ferry and walk on to the boat, Ron will meet you when you reach Vinalhaven. After checking into the hotel we will go over the itinerary for the week and enjoy a welcome dinner. (D)

June 10-13: Vinalhaven

We will be photographing in beautiful areas from sunrise to sunset, with a mid-day break for lunch in one of the local restaurants, or perhaps a picnic lunch. Each day we’ll explore something new, including a boat yard, lobster wharf, many natural areas where we may encounter seals and a variety of seabirds ( Double-crested Cormorant, and Black Guillemot).

Vinalhaven is a quiet, scenic lobstering village. It offers an array of scenic walks and nature trails such as Lane’s Island Nature Conservancy, and other natural areas such as Basin Preserve for sunrise photography. We will find land and seascapes at Granite Island and The Carrying Place. Lobster fishing is one of the main sources of income on the island; therefore we will spend time at several excellent harbors. After dinner, we may head out for an evening shoot.

Ron will make various presentations during your stay, at mid-day, evening, or perhaps an early morning if the weather prohibits the group from photographing. (Continental breakfast each day, Dinner the last evening)

June 14: Vinalhaven - Home

Ron typically departs on the first ferry this morning. You can choose to depart with him or wander in the morning on your own to enjoy another photo shoot.