About Us

We believe every trip is a journey of a lifetime.

We are passionate about our work and your dreams. Tour itineraries have been designed by photographers, for photographers. Our goals are to provide you with a unique travel experience, to explore the world with a new vision. 

The Photo Tour Collection is comprised of professional photographers and photographic organizations that have years of experience, not only in photography, but also in teaching and leading photographic tours. Our combined talents and experience span decades and continents.

The pace of our trips is carefully planned, and locations have been well researched and scouted. Specific tours may specialize in culture, wildlife, architecture, or landscape photography. When you travel with Strabo Photo Tour Collection, you travel with a company that shows you some of the most remarkable far away places in the world, with unparalleled value and expertise. We want to enhance your interest, understanding, and appreciation for the world around you, while you learn to improve your photography skills.

You will stay in fine accommodations, in traditional settings, while exploring each diverse destination and interesting culture. Our journeys combine the finest in nature and cultural travel with exceptional local guides that are passionate about their country and eager to share it with you. These guides are excellent in their own right and earn high praise from participants. They want to reward you with the most enriching, educational experience, while still having fun.

You will relive the experience each time you share it with another person, making the country you just departed feel a little bit closer. We not only want to show you the world, but we also want you to be inspired by it – explore its, breathtaking diversity. We must expand our horizons, reach out, share and learn from others experiences.

We hope you accept this invitation and join other like-minded travelers on one of our journeys so that our experience becomes one of your many discoveries.

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