Photo by: Frank Lavelle
Location: Turkey

Frequently asked questions

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How do you handle deposits, cancellations and refunds?

Deposits, cancellations and refunds policy

A deposit of $750 per person is required. Specific tours may require an additional deposit due to accommodation bookings or transportation requirements. If applicable these will be noted on your invoice. Payment in full is required when bookings are made less than 120 days before the departure date. Space is subject to cancellation by Strabo if payment is not received when due.

If a passenger wishes to cancel they must send notification in writing to: Strabo International Tour, Co., P.O. Box 580, Dryden, NY 13053. At the time we receive your notification, the following per person charges apply:

  • 121 days or more before departure: $300 cancellation fee, plus Strabo’ costs, as well as fees that are charged by the suppliers providing the services included in your tour, and/or the airlines providing the air transportation.
  • 91-120 days before departure: $500 minimum cancellation fee, plus Strabo’ costs, as well as fees that are charged by the suppliers providing the services included in your tour, and/or the airlines providing the air transportation. Fees may range from 25% to 100% of tour costs.
  • 90 days or less before departure or any time after departure: NO REFUND.

Refunds for services that are voluntarily not used by you cannot be made.

PLEASE NOTE: Specific tours or destinations may have modifications to deposit amounts and cancellation fees or dates. See tour brochure for any changes.

What can we expect from the local guides?

Each destination comes to life with a great guide. Our extraordinary guides will introduce you to each unique region and will provide you with the experience of a lifetime. Each of our chosen guides are native to their region; thus they have an intimate knowledge of the wildlife, geography, as well as the ability to share the culture and flavor of their own particular country. They are dedicated to sharing each of these with you as you enjoy your stay in “their home”, and to making certain you are enjoying yourself and getting the most out of each day.

They will allow you to view the chosen region in a way you would not have seen on your own, by discussing the natural history, cultural changes, architecture, wildlife, and, yes, even the temptations you will encounter during your exemplary meals.

Who are these trips for?

Anyone with an interest in photography, regardless of age, skill level, or equipment – you just need a sense of adventure and an eagerness to learn.

Why choose the Photo Tour Collection?

We draw from many years of experience in photographic travel, which ensures that you will enjoy an exciting, finely tuned photographic tour that allows you to capture outstanding photographic images. In depth knowledge of our destinations and local cultures places you in the best location at the best time. We select outstanding leaders, accomplished professionals who will serve as mentors during your journey.

The majority of our clients travel with us year after year. If you are joining one of our tours for the first time, you will find out why they keep returning after your first journey.

How much photographic experience do I need to have in order to attend a tour?

Anyone with an interest in photography, regardless of age, skill level, or equipment – you just need a sense of adventure and an eagerness to learn. Whether you are a novice, or a professional photographer, you will come back with great images and deeper understanding of the photographic medium.

What type of instruction is offered?

Our tours are not workshops, with classroom instruction each day; rather, they are journeys of discovery that take you to great photographic locations with wonderful opportunities for informal, hands-on learning. Learning takes place through personal tutoring sessions, discussions around the dinner table, impromptu lectures or demonstrations, and while photographing in the field.

Each photo leader has years of experience in photographic education, and each has his or her own philosophy and style. They will help you see the world with new eyes, and create images that reflect your unique experience.

Which photo leader or destination should I choose?

In order to choose the trip that suits you best, we encourage you to call and discuss these topics with our office directly. We would like to get an idea of what you are looking for in a photo tour. Suggestions will then be provided and you can make an informed decision.

Each photography tour has a different focus and style, depending on the logistics, the destination and the leader. Some have a cultural orientation; some are almost exclusively devoted to wildlife photography or landscape photography; others have a combination of natural history and culture.

A few trips focus on more intense photographic shoots, designed for ardent photographers with long days devoted almost exclusively to photographing in the field, but most have a relaxed pace, with time for individual exploration.

Look at the leader’s credentials and style. Feel free to e-mail the leaders to ask specific questions. You will find links to their web sites in our photography leaders section.

Do I need to be in good physical shape to attend?

Tours are usually not physically strenuous, but some require better physical fitness than others. You’ll have long days in the field, from early in the morning to late in the afternoon and evening, in order to take advantage of the best light. Each participant is required to carry his or her own photo equipment. If you have physical limitations please contact our office and we can discuss specific locations that may suite you.

Are these trips suitable for non-photographing friends or family?

As long, as they are patient and are happy to linger at locations. In some situations, such as an African safari, non-photographers will see much more than a casual traveler; in others such as Tuscany, additional exploration may be done individually. Feel free to contact us regarding specific tours.

What is the group size?

Group size is limited, particularly important to photographers, who need to take time at each location and move about as unobtrusively as possible. The majority of tours have a maximum group size of 12 participants, with a few destinations being only 10.

Will I be getting additional information about the destination?

You will have extensive pre-departure materials that will prepare you thoroughly for your journey. A travel guide is included for each destination with packing lists, climate information, and reading materials on what to expect during your journey. We will be there before and after your journey to assist you in every possible way.

What photo equipment should I take?

Each photo tour leader will prepare you on the suggested photo gear list for your journey. They will contact each participant in order to answer any questions prior to the tour, in order to prepare you as best possible. They will be there for you before, during, and after your journey.

What is the weather going to be like?

Once you have your first packet of pre-departure materials, you can review the climate chart in the back of the Travel Guide. Unfortunately we can’t predict what the weather will be like on your tour, but this will give you the best information available in order to pack and prepare for the photo tour.

What meals are included on the tour? Can you accommodate my diet request?

Each tour brochure lists the meals included for each day (B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner). Meals will consist of what is typical for that region. Please let us know if you have specific dietary needs.

How much money do I need to bring?

Each tour is different, and this amount could range from $200-$400, depending on your spending habits. You need to take in to account meals that are not included, beverages, tips for your local guide and driver, miscellaneous expenses such as laundry, and your shopping habits. A rough estimate will be given for each of these in our destination travel guide.

What type of accommodations will there be?

On all of our trips, the accommodations reflect that destination’s special characteristics and cultures. In cities you may stay in large hotels, while in the countryside we try to stay in locally owned lodges that reflect each regions distinct flavor and hospitality. They may be different from our own but they can each certainly be savored for what makes them unique and different. Typical accommodations will range from 3-4* where possible. Please note not all lodges or inns have elevators, and you need to be able to handle your own luggage and equipment.

Whether you are sleeping in a quaint home in Western Ireland or a Luxury tented camp in Tanzania, each will help to unravel the mystique of each culture and provide you with a unique experience unparalleled for that locale. This is the only way to truly unlock the secrets of each destination.

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