Covid-19 Updates


Updated March 2023

For all our tours, Strabo highly recommends that all participants and instructors be up to date with Covid vaccinations (per definition of the CDC). Local laws will apply to all international tours. It is important that you abide by each country’s entry requirements.

Please contact Strabo Tours if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help and guide you through your journey.

Updated February 2022

Strabo has many tours taking place in 2022 and we therefore want to give everyone an outline on what is necessary to travel safely on all of your upcoming adventures. You might be wondering …. ‘What if this happens’…. ‘What if that happens’. We are all working as a team and therefore we want you to know what to expect. Here is a perfect example:

Whenever I am personally on one of our programs, I tend to get run down from all the activity that my body isn’t used to. My first telltale sign is my throat starts to get sore. Prior to two years ago, I wouldn’t panic and think I have Covid, I would just try to stay away from others as best I can, take my Zicam and try to rest up. We want everyone to be protected should it be Covid, yet we don’t want people to miss out on their trip if it is a simple flu like symptom.

In 2022 we are going to do the same thing as previous years, with a bit of preventative medicine:

  • Pack a thermometer, take your temp each day
  • Every person should pack two or more of the Covid-19 self-tests available at your pharmacy
  • Every person needs to wear mask in vehicle or any form of transportation, or anytime when you can’t social distance (KN95 masks are recommended)
  • Everyone needs to abide by the laws and regulations of that particular destination country as well as your home country.
  • If you don’t feel well tell your leader right away
  • Take your self-test right away and isolate
  • If your test is negative, still isolate as best you can and take another test 12 hours later to confirm your illness is not Covid
  • If your first test was positive, you are going to do the same as if it was negative, isolate, and then, take another self-test or have your guide find a local place to get rapid PCR test
  • Everyone will need to follow the Covid-19 rules and protocols of your destination country, all airports, airlines, or other transportation
  • Your local guide and Strabo will work with you on logistics if it becomes necessary, should you need special arrangements, for example lodging or transportation
  • There may be expenses due to Covid protocols and these are at the expense of each individual
  • Strabo has recommended to have travel and medical insurance to cover such expenses

In summary we want to practice preventative measures, be cautious, limit further exposure, but not hinder the enjoyment of the trip unnecessarily.