Covid-19 Updates

Updated October 2021

Due to the continuing worldwide fight against Covid-19, and the fact that many countries are now requiring proof of vaccination to enter, we are requiring all passengers and photo tour leaders to have valid proof of vaccination to attend our programs. Strabo will need to receive a copy of your Covid-19 vaccine card. At the current time you will have to travel with the original card in case it is requested to enter restaurants, shops, or museums etc. 

Validation requirements are determined by the CDC and monitored by airlines and port of entry. All entry and exit requirements are determined by the USA and countries you are traveling to. Strabo will keep you informed of other requirements regarding your destination or return to USA.

It is our goal, and the goal of our partners at home or abroad, to enact various Covid-19 protocols pre-trip, during and post-trip. We feel we have to act together as a team, which includes you, our clients. This is a very dynamic time period; therefore we need to remain flexible with changes as they exist in each country for the unforeseeable future. Each traveler bears the responsibility of all costs associated with Covid-19 (i.e. testing, quarantining, treatment or hospitalization) as individuals have for all medical incidences in the past while traveling with us.

While Strabo International Tour Company cannot be responsible for any of your Covid-19 related costs, we will strive to make travel as safe as possible for you and will guide you through changes to travel guidelines as they are enacted.

We will travel again!

Strabo Tours has prevailed slowdowns in travel before and we remain dedicated to offering our clients the best of travel for years to come. The safety and health of our clients is paramount, as well as that of our partners across the globe. We have always offered the style of travel that is now being promoted: small group, excellent service from locally owned lodges, restaurants and transportation.

Photography tours are designed around being in the right place at the right time, in other words itineraries are designed around the light, out early and again late in the day. This assists us in avoiding many crowded and high traffic areas. This is true for the Strabo Photo Tour Collection as well as tours designed specifically for your private family and friend trips.

Due to the pandemic Strabo Tours is assessing travel safety and requirements around the world. There will be various protocols and procedures to follow in every destination. We will keep clients informed prior to departure with the latest information. Notifications will also be supplied as to our own safety requirements prior to travel, during your tour, and once you are back home.

Together with our overseas partners, health organizations of the CDC, WHO, WTTC (as well as others), information is developing on a daily basis. Strabo prides itself on our personal communication with our clients, and we will continue to engage directly with you using these resources among many others during this dynamic period.

Further information will be sent to clients regarding their particular destination prior to travel, including information about:

  • Trip and medical evacuation insurance coverages
  • Face coverings
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Temperature checks
  • Physical distancing
  • Health and safety protocols of flying, lodges, transportation, and meals
  • Itinerary adjustments as needed due to local crowded events

There are inherent risks in travel, whether it be around the world or around the corner. Each person acknowledges the risk of possible contact with illness or disease, as everyone has always done when traveling. We will all work together to keep everyone informed and prepared while enjoying travel.

We hope that this relieves many of your concerns about travel. See more about our deposits, cancellations, and refunds policy on our FAQ page. Or, feel free to contact our office if you need more specific information.

Strabo Tours looks forward to seeing you soon on another Strabo adventure.