Capture the Sunrise and Sunset in Croatia

Photo by: L Esenko, Strabo Tours traveler
Hvar Town Croatia photo tour L Esenko

Picture Portugal with a New Vision

Photo by: Rodger Israel, Strabo Tours traveler
Porto Portugal photo tour Rodger Israel

Capture the Rolling Hills and Fences of Ireland

Photo by: Leslie Weidenman, Strabo Tours traveler
Lourch Corrib Ireland photo tour Leslie Weidenman

Where Are We Now? Call Us To See.

Photo by: Dan Anderson, Strabo Tours traveler
Faroe Islands Denmark photo tour Dan Anderson

The Mystery of Morocco

Photo by: Maureen Ferry, Strabo Tours traveler
Sahara Morocco Berber photo tour M Ferry

Iceland Is About More Than Fire And Ice.

Photo by: Carl Volpe, Strabo Tours traveler
Iceland Carl Volpe photo tour

Let Us Charm You

Photo by: Terri Gross, Strabo Tours traveler
Morroco snake charmer photo tour Terri Gross

Lines and Light of Santorini

Photo by: Ellen Clark, Strabo Tours traveler
Santorini Greece Photo Tour

The People are the Heart and Soul of a Country

Photo by: Terry Scussel, Strabo Tours traveler
Cuba tobacco farmer Terry Scussel photo tour

Don't Forget To Capture The Smaller Picture.

Photo by: Boyd Norton, Strabo Tours traveler
Ireland photo tour Betty Sederquist
Photo by: Betty Sederquist
Location: Ireland

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The trip was a ’10’ in every way. Your guides were the best in every way. Had a lot of attention, everyone was very helpful along the way. Your arrangements were excellent and I will do othe trips with Strabo again.

— D. Martell

Trip was a 10! I think the Sahara was the best. Loved sleeping in berber tents. The photography was gorgeous and many wonderful photo opportunities. Ron always knew where to be when for best photographs. I’ve known him since 1982 when I went to Ireland, and I always wanted to do his Morocco trip after seeing photos and notices on Facebook from him. His energy, enthusiasm and humor was contagious. I liked his photo talks every so often as he wanted us all to see different things and find our own vision. He showed us examples of his work and other photographers that influenced him. Always informative of our daily activities and culture of Morocco. I loved the variety of hotels and lodges.

— A Converse

What a wonderful Ireland trip we had. Thanks for everything you did to make it possible and so enjoyable. Given how much fun we had and how delighted we were with the trip, we have just one suggestion to add more leisure time in villages. It and all the guides were 10 out of 10. Everyone was a wonderful help. The relationships we forged, particularly with Karen & Joel was the highlight.

— C Potyen

It is tough to pick just one highlight of the tour. Each segment of the trip was fantastic.
Florence – early morning photography, walking tours of the city, and the excellent food
Tuscany – amazing landscapes, towns and wine tasting
Venice – it exceeded everything I had heard

Ron is a 10 plus!!! Your local guide and hotels all 10’s. Loved the trip and now have some great photo memories to view and share with family. We are thinking about Scotland for next year.

— T Hopewell

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