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After each photo tour we request each of our clients to complete an evaluation form and return their favorite images for our photo gallery. Our clients experience the best that photographic adventure has to offer. Many of them travel with us year after year – here’s why:

Ron does a great job of getting us to beautiful places and keeping us very comfortable, and helping us with our photography.  His love for Vinalhaven came through in many ways.

Having Ron show us editing was great. I would suggest he do 2 photos per person, though I learned a lot from watching him work on others’ photos. And the matting was very helpful. Leaving with a printed photo all matted and in a protective plastic was great.

Vinalhaven is a very special place.  I am so glad we got there. And as per Ron’s style, he took us to hidden away places and privately owned spots. We got much more of a sense of the island through the local people Ron interacted with. I enjoyed getting much more used to IR, Ron’s comments during the week were very helpful regarding the IR. I didn’t use my regular camera on purpose, so I’d have to concentrate on the IR. The group was lovely.

R & M Thayer

Loved the variety..... landscape, architecture, people and animals. One of the best trips ever!!!  Hi marks on the hotels. I know we had some really nice and a couple average, but considering where we were.... you did good.

Namibia pics are up ... www.where-2-next.com.  What  a great collection of photo ops!


S Wolfe

Exploring and photographing the diverseness that Namibia has to offer was a fantastic photographic experience. The trip was well named the Wonders of Namibia, from the Quiver Trees, to “ ghost  town” of Kolmansop, to Sossusvlei Dunes, learning and visiting the ethic tribes of Herero & Himba , and the abundance of African animal sights truly makes this trip a WONDER – ful travel experience



I had a feeling that to spend time with Doug, would be enlightening after reading his ideas about Zen and the art of photography, and indeed it was!! His approach has to be experienced....his philosophy and vision are unique.....his daily monring poems, quotes throughout the day, evening gatherings and critiques were always inspirational.  I feel like the whole experience was a gift.

N.Hauser - Ireland

I had a feelibng that to spend time with Doug, would be enlightening after reading his ideas about Zen and the art of photography, and indeed it was! His approach has to be experienced.....his philosophy and vision are unique....his daily morning poems, quotes thorught the day, evening gatherings and critiques, were always inspirational.  I feel like the whole experience was a gift!


Doug had a laid back style, low intensity, low impact, that left us comfortable and flexible and ready to learn and grow.  Connie embraced all of the nuances of the odd bunch of people that we were.....knew locations for shooting and eating very well for our brunch, judge the timing perfectly......was kind, humerous, talented and knowledgeable.  He asked nothing of us, and gave us of himself richly.....may have made the trip.....for most of us.


I took a workshop from Kathleen Jacobs this past summer in Gloucester, MA and am still thanking her for the invaluable painting tools I took away from the week. Kathleen is very knowledgeable about painting and drawing. The days flew by as she made painting a fun adventure at some beautiful, interesting spots in the area. We worked with a view finder every day to produce many thumbnail sketches, keeping in mind the form and structure of the landscape.  We then worked with a selected thumbnail to produce a painting. Working small placed an emphasis on simplicity and finding the structure of the landscape. This process, thumbnails and working small, allowed us to produce several paintings each day.  It really helped me make better decisions about my paintings.

People in the workshop came from all skill levels and Kathleen successfully worked with each and every one of them. The group was very giving and if someone needed some paint or forgot something we all pitched in. Landscape painting is a tough endeavor and Kathleen made it a fun and accessible process and brought the group together. I highly recommend her as an instructor and cannot wait to take another workshop with her.


Thank you for sharing your love for the land and the people. Thank you especially for helping me see the beauty of clouds, of reflections of reeds in water, of silvery halos illuminating foxgloves in the forest, and of sunshine-patterned abbey windows on wet gravestones. Thanks to you, I leave with a new appreciation for the wonder and beauty of the world.


“The trip with Boyd far out distanced my highest expectations and hopes.  I found the safari not only rewarding in the way of wildlife photography, (jaw dropping at every turn), I also felt it was an incredibly enriching cultural experience.  Boyd knew Tanzanians everywhere we went
and is obviously loved and respected in his adopted country.  I will cherish the memories and photos for the rest of my life.” 

C.H. Maine

"Boyd was the key to the total success of this trip. His many years of travel there and the contacts he has, made it so very special. This was not your typical tour of Africa. I cannot say enough about Boyd - his knowledge of the country, his very pleasant personality, his contacts, his relationship with Unique Safaris and their staff, and on and on. You won't find anyone better. I truly hope to travel with him again in the future." (He has, five more times.) 

W.K. Colorado
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