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After each photo tour we request each of our clients to complete an evaluation form and return their favorite images for our photo gallery. Our clients experience the best that photographic adventure has to offer. Many of them travel with us year after year – here’s why:

On this, our third trip with Ron and Strabo, I observed a dimension I hadn't noticed before: flexibility. Ron (and Ingo) were able to dance with the weather. Then I got to thinking. Flexibility, yes, but against a background of careful planning: accommodations, meals, even catering to allergies. I have done enough "self-guided" tours to appreciate what that means.  As Strabo tourists, we simply sat back and watched the ever-changing scenery. And it was a big plus that both guides had visited sites many times before.

Again, I thank you for your efforts. We have traveled with other tours. Strabo is by far the best for people like us.


Cuba was a wonderful experience that was much enriched by Strabo Tours.  I was stunned by the amount of photographs to be made:  people, architecture, close ups, horticulture, and, of course, the cars from the 40’s and 50’s that were everywhere. It was definitely a wonderful experience.


An outstanding trip that takes you back in time to a place filled with great music, colorful architecture, cars and a revolutionary spirit.


Strabo’s trip to Cuba will be one you will never forget. There are photo ops galore. While Cuba may be economically deprived, it is culturally rich.


Many thanks to you both for helping us discover Cuba; it was such a rich and exotic experience! We will enjoy the memories and the photos for many years to come. 

Lana and Joe

I really appreciate that I was able to take Betty's Iceland trip. This was quite an experience. Nohting but high praise for everything about this trip.

C Volpe

Betty doesn't just love her art form of photography, she enthuses it through her teachings and it shines out from every cell of her being.

Javsir Samrai

I have experienced “once in a life” experiences viewing and photographing wildlife in their natural habitats on her excursions to Alaska and East Africa. What wonderful memories! Thank you, Betty!

Laurie Edwards

Pardon the belated thank you; Maria and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we had in Florence and Tuscany.  It was great meeting and getting to know you and you were terrific hosts.  The photographic locations and instruction you brought were terrific.  I thought we had just the right amount of photography and then taking time out to enjoy the wonderful cuisine of the area.  Photography and food are two of our favorite things!  I have been editing many of he images and am really happy with what I got.  There will be lots of great memories from this trip.  We hope to join you on another trip real soon; we are starting to make out next year’s vacation schedule.  

E & M Pronske
D. Windsor

Photo By: Deborah Windsor

One year ago I was exploring photography trips and came across Strabo Tours. For numerous reasons, I chose to participate in “The Contrast and Colors of Morocco” - March 5 -17 2016.  Randy Ziegler led this tour. In preparation for this trip I contacted Randy and asked numerous questions about what to bring on the trip with an emphasis on equipment.  Randy responded enthusiastically and provided subtle suggestions for additions to my existing equipment and was sensitive to my budget. Due to Randy’s positive energy and wise council during the preparation for this trip, I arrived in Morocco with the proper equipment for my ability. 

I was overwhelmed by Morocco … its sights, smells, light and culture.  Everything met or exceeded my expectations regarding accommodations, knowledgeable local guide, convenience of travel and meals.  But I didn’t go on this tour just for a great travel experience with a camera in hand, I went to learn, to improve my photographic skills to take the best shots I could. Randy took the time to review all the settings on my camera and make suggestions to get better pictures.  In addition to looking for light, colour, and gesture, as is Randy’s mantra, I found I was looking at potential shots differently.Yes the trip to Morocco coupled with Randy’s tutelage enabled me to broaden my perspective on what I see through the lens.

My learning curve did not end when I stepped of the plane in Toronto. I found I was more eager to experiment with my camera and with postproduction software.  I played with every setting on my camera. A year has come and gone since I first decided to participate in the Strabo tour and that tour is still having an impact on what see through my lens.  I want to thank Jacque for making the trip possible and Randy for sharing photographic nuggets during the trip and being a positive resource afterwards.

Thank You


D. Windsor
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