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After each photo tour we request each of our clients to complete an evaluation form and return their favorite images for our photo gallery. Our clients experience the best that photographic adventure has to offer. Many of them travel with us year after year – here’s why:

Your preparatory materials are always excellent and this trip was no exception. Both John and I appreciate greatly your efforts to get us caught up to the group when our flight was delayed. Your local guide also had everything in order upon arrival. He is an incredible find. Very competent, knowledgeable, and is excellent at working with a diverse group of people. Knowledgeable photographer as well. Photo leader was also top nothc, Multi-taking from very basic questions to more advanced camera techniques without losing a beat.

K Eisele

Cathy & Gordon were great! they helped me in and out of the boats, with gear and were patient with me. All the meals were great. Local guides did their jobs well. First sighting of a Jaguar was the highlight. Your services were thorough as always. Kudo's to Jacque for helping me get a new flight after airline untimely demise.

Nancy Nelson

Your local guide was amazing! Planned beautifully - smart, always pleasant - knowledgeable. Food was good everywhere. Inn keepers were very kind and pleasant. Your pre-departure information was so complete and interesting. Trip was very well planned and excecuted. When we needed to alter plans, it was done with ease and professionalism.

B Freeland
Steve & Nancy Parker

Photo By: Nancy Parker

The trip was well organized, we covered an amazing amount of ground, and we never felt pressured. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to others. Your guides were very knowledgeable about the places visited and accommodating to our interests and needs. Both photo leader and local guide were a 10 out of 10.

Steve & Nancy Parker

This was our first trip to Ireland. Staying in one location and venturing out on a daily basis made everything convenient. Highly recommended to continue that format. The trip included the right amount of activity and plenty of time to take photographs and to receive additional helpful instruction from leaders.The guide and leader - could be none better. The driver was absolutely terrific as well. The hotels were a 10 out of 10!!!

P Dodson
Kay Fluhler

Highlight: Giant's Causeway at day break. Your local guide is very knowledgeable about many areas of Ireland (locations, history, geology, plants etc.). I would happily travel with them again and will be recommending to my friends.I had a great time on this trip. The other tour members were fabulous, and the photo leader was also a 10 out of 10.

Kay Fluhler
David Pinkham

Photo By: David Pinkham

What is your overall rating of the trip? 10 out of 10. Working with Ron, great leader and teacher. The accommodations were also a 10, a relaxing environment with local great owners. The meeting room was great for our group. Great photo shoot locations. Instruction and the opportunity to talk about photography, all lead by Ron.

David Pinkham
Jeff Wilburn

Photo By: Jeff Wilburn

I had to think for a while about the highlight of the tour. Ron was very open minded about which post processing software was used by the participants. He addressed the general principles of post processing, rather than focusing on a single software product. The inclusiveness of this approach was the highlight of the workshop for me.

Jeff Wilburn

The Giant's Causeway was the highlight for me. Guides did fantastic job of getting us there at sunrise, with nobody else around. We stayed for over 2 hours after the sun camp up, with still nobody else to get in our shots.Photo leader and local guide were both outstanding, picked great locations. They are always available for advice/information/tips/suggestions etc. Could not have done any better, friendly, flexible and knowledgeable.

R & C Cole

I enjoyed all of the places we visited and welcomed the free time to explore on my own as well as the time spent with the group. The local guide was very knowledgeable about the history and culture of Ireland & shared it in an interesting and informative way. I enjoy learning about the places I visit not just the taking photographs of them. Photo instructions was just right.

J Procell
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