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After each photo tour we request each of our clients to complete an evaluation form and return their favorite images for our photo gallery. Our clients experience the best that photographic adventure has to offer. Many of them travel with us year after year – here’s why:

K Curtis

Hi Jacque.

I made it home from Ireland. I just wanted to say again how wonderful the trip was. I enjoyed every place we visited, stayed over night and photographed. I especially like that you arranged for such good weather! I thought the group of people were very nice and easy to get along with, as was our drive and guide.

Thanks for all the time and effort that you put into this trip. I really appreciate it.


K Curtis

Ron was great, not only was he open and knowledgeable as an instructor, but a wonderful person. Couldn’t have asked for better.

N. Taveras - New Zealand
S. Sedgwick

Photo By: S Sedgwick

Jacque, This trip was successful beyond all my expections. Being met at the airport and hustled through the crowds was fabulous. Our guide, Thomson Malekia, could not have been better. We saw everything there is to see. He was knowledgeable, had a good sense of humor and became part of the family.  Everyone at the tent camps were warm and welcoming and I loved the accommodations. 

Thank you is not enough but thank you


S. Sedgwick
S Skoloff

Photo By: Shary Skoloff

It was great to travel with Ron, whose work I've long admired, and who knows the area, its people, and is so flexible with the itinerary. Aside from being inspired by his photographs, discussions, and the beautiful and interesting places he led us to, it was a wonderful to meet his local friends and even to be welcomed by some to their homes.

S Skoloff

I have been on several trips with Lewis and can highly recommend him for his skill as a photographer and also as I teacher. My wife Kate and I have been to Alaska, Lake Clark, with him. We are going again this July. The photographic opportunities he provides are top notch. He's a great instructor in the field. He's also a very approachable, nice guy!


Bob Z. Toronto Canada

I have travelled with Lewis Kemper on three (3) photographic excursions-Bears in Alaska, Montana animals, and Tigers in India. All of these trips were extremely well organized, informative and much enjoyed. I encountered repeat client's on one of my trips. Lewis will provide you, whether a beginning photographer or an experienced enthusiast, with new photo techniques. The answer to the pinnacle question---yes I will recommend Lewis's excursions and yes I will, in the future, have another adventure with Lewis.


Allen G. British Columbia

My wife and I have travelled more than half a dozen countries with David over the past many years.
He has that infectious enthusiasm that excites you in shooting landscapes and people. He has a way of engaging the locals to pose for a shot. His mastery of controlling ambient and artificial light is practical and easily learned. Traveling with David is like photographing the world with a friend. We look forward to traveling with him again.

Manny B.

I've had the privilege of working with David on several photo tours as a trip leader through the Mentor Series workshops which ceased operations in 2017. David has dual talents, being both an accomplished pro photographer and an outstanding instructor. He has the ability to clearly communicate to someone new to photography the basics of shooting and also work in tandem with more seasoned photographers to help refine their skills. He has an easy going personality - anyone passionate about photography would be fortunate to hang with David.

Donnie S.

I've been on 21 photo treks with 13 professional photographers and David Tejada is at the top of my lists of favorites! Besides being a phenomenal photographer, he is also a fabulous teacher of all things photography (set-up, lighting, post processing). It has been my observation that no other mentor has spent more time with trekkers then David! I can't remember one instance, in the six treks I've made with David, that he didn't put the trekkers needs first! Anyone who has traveled with David would look forward to traveling with him again! That includes me!

Bill R.

I experienced my first photography tour with David Tejada. A group spent 2 weeks traveling across Spain and Portugal. David was amazing! His knowledge and enthusiasm was so valuable as a mentor. He never stopped helping, teaching, explaining and sharing his knowledge. I learned more in those 2 weeks with David than I learned over the last 5 years. I was definitely the least technical in the group and he made me feel so confident. I find myself looking for tours he is guiding so I can participate in his love for travel, knowledge of photography and encouragement as a mentor.

Jamie B.
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