Kathy Adams Clark

Kathy Adams Clark
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Photo Tour of Lofoten Islands, Norway September 22nd, 2019
Costa Rica Photo Tour New Itinerary March 6th, 2020
Ecuador Photo Tour: Birds of Paradise May 17th, 2020
Botswana Photo Tour Chobe and Okavango Delta July 14th, 2020
Naples Italy and Amalfi Coast Photo Tour September 29th, 2020
Romania Photo Tour of the Danube Delta May 26th, 2021

Kathy Adams Clark is a professional nature photographer and owner of a stock agency representing thirteen photographers. Her work has been published in a variety of national and regional publications including National Geographic Books, The New York Times, and Sierra. Kathy teaches over fifty photography workshops and classes each year. Her work may be viewed weekly in the Houston Chronicle's “Wonders of Nature” column, written by her husband, Gary.

Kathy enjoys traveling with people new to photography as well as with folks with advanced skills. She has an ability to explain complicated photographic terms in easy-to-understand language. She likes to teach those hungry for new information but also understands that photography can be a solitary task. Each person traveling with Kathy is treated as an individual, but the group always has fun.

Kathy is an accomplished naturalist as well as a photographer, skilled in 35mm film and digital cameras. She is very passionate about nature, birdlife, and wildlife. Gary Clark who is an acclaimed naturalist guide in his own right will co-lead some trips each year with her.

A lifelong naturalist, Gary Clark has studied birds, mammals, and butterflies in North, Central, and South America and in East Africa.  He is an award winning professional writer whose column “Nature” appears weekly in the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express News.  He has authored feature articles in state and national magazines and has written six books that include photographs from his wife, Kathy.  He frequently conducts birding workshops and leads birding tours.  He is founder of the Piney Woods Wildlife Society of Texas, former president of the Houston Audubon Society, and former vice-president of the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory.  Gary is a full professor at Lone Star College.

Because of both Kathy & Gary's love of nature, and the work they do, Strabo Tours is proud to make a donation to the Houston Audubon Society for each trip they take part in.

D. Whitney

This was the trip of a lifetime for me. I was challenging myself to learn all sorts of new things, photography, a new culture, and was immersed in it. It surpassed my expectations and I met so many beautiful souls along the way. Kathy was fantastic, I give her a 10++!!!

D. Whitney

The trip was amazing and seamless!!!

D. Pando

I love Costa Rica and your operations provide for a great trip. I never wanted for anything!

C. Weber

I learned a lot of new things about photography and details of better camera use that I will put into practice. Judy spent a lot of time with a video camera, but Kathy was very helpful to her when she did use her SLR.

D & J Lund
C. Sackett - Tanzania

The trip was awesome. Much more than I had anticipated, every day was a unique experience. I couldn't believe the huge amount of animals we saw, also how close they were to our landrovers. The lodges were great; but I especially enjoyed the tent camps.

C. Sackett - Tanzania
J. Braud

Kathy is always good, but she went the extra mile. She assisted me in getting the best hummingbird photo’s I have ever taken. I particularly appreciated all the time and effort Kathy spent in setting up lights and backgrounds to enable us to get wonderful hummingbird shots. Results were fantastic. Great trip!!!

J. Braud
J. Harland, May 2010

Everything was so well done and organized. The abundance and variety of the wildlife was the hightlight

J. Harland, May 2010

Over all an excellent trip: food, guides, and the tour itself! Kathy did a great job.

J Davis
B & R Nelson

Everywhere we went was a highlight. Every place had something special. Kathy was a 10+, she was always there to give photo suggestions, help with equipment and locating things to photograph. She is an excellent teacher!

B & R Nelson
S & J Dark

I got the impression that Strabo Tours is an excellent organization. Congratulations on running things so well.

S & J Dark

I learned so much from Kathy Adams Clark that I feel I have more tools to become a better photographer. Kathy is just delightful as a person and a great teacher! The amount of knowledge your local guide knows and imparted certainly made the tour richer as I learned much about birds and plants. He was delightful. By in large the whole trip was beautiful. Every place we went opened up a world I had not seen and enjoyed.

J. Karel

Everything was well-planned and coordinated and all very enjoyable, I learned several new technical things that were and will continue to be very useful. Thanks to you, Jacqui, for all of your pre-departure help and to Kathy, Willy and Jason for a great Costa Rican experience.

S. Skoloff

Morocco is a land of gentle people who have a deep respect and admiration for Americans, Europeans and all who grace their land with their presence. It's evident from their courteous and helpful manner to the curious excitement the children feel when met by strangers. I have never felt more at home or safe under the care of my Moroccan friends....

M. Russo - Morocco

Excellent attention to detail, with the perfect leader and guide for the trip.

A. Mueller

I learned a lot of new things about photography and details of better camera use that I will put into practice. We were very pleased with the trip, the guides, the drivers, the food, and the accommodations.

D. Lund
D. Brewer

Lots of very helpful one-on-one attention and advice. Very knowledgeable on birds as well as photography. And very pleasant to travel with. Logistics of tour were smoothly handled. Kathy was a 10!!

D. Brewer
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