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I’ve been told my teaching style is very fluid ~ it changes with each individual student.  Everyone has their own method of learning, so I adapt to you, rather than you having to adapt to differen intructors.  That is one of the reasons I enjoy leading workshops.  It allows me the opportunity to spend individual time with each student.

Travel workshops attract beginner to advanced photographers and it is equally as exciting  to see the beginner learn to master the controls of their camera as it is to see the proficient photographer leap to new creative heights. I have seen photography enhance the lives of many students, so I look for ways that each student can apply photography to enrich their life. ~ Eileen

As a fine arts photographer and photo instructor, Eileen has lead international photo/travel tours with Profundo Journeys and creative photographic workshops with Olaf Willoughby.  This past year they taught at Maine Media Workshops, exhibited in Providence and led a Street Photography Workshop in Brooklyn, NY. She has two distinct portfolios. One, in color, is more contemplative work whilst the other reflects a personal way of seeing the environment.

These images are quiet observations of the world and those who inhabit its space. Eileen uses natural and ambient light as a means to express emotion. ‘My “decisive moment” is when I lose myself to my subject & know there is a complete union.’

Eileen’s work has been exhibited at Newport Art Museum, The Providence Art Club, Mystic Arts Center and numerous galleries throughout New England and New York. She also looks forward to an upcoming solo show at Leica Soho in New York in 2016. Eileen has recently been accepted to exhibit at the Fine Art & Documentary Photography Show in Berlin for Women Photographers.  The show in August 2016 will be the largest European Photography Exhibit of the year. Additionally, she has had two books published and is working on number three. Eileen McCarney Muldoon continues to learn by being a member of The Leica Meet Admin team.

Eileen's Upcoming Tours

I was very happy with the amount of photo instruction. Eileen was there when I needed her help and set up classes when she perceived more than one person needed help.

— J. Schnebly

Eileen is a charming and caring leader. Offering her expert knowledge of photography, finding out individuals desire for what they wish to take photos of and keep all informed of itinerary and local guide informed of our wishes. Charming small hotels/inns/family run and setting of each was perfect for photography.Loved the food at all hotels. Can’t wait for Sicily!!!

— Karen Black

Jacque’s complete honesty won me over and my trust proved to be warranted. I had all the info I needed and every thing went smoothly. As indicated by the overall 10 rating I was a very happy camper. Eileen was very personable and accommodating. Iceland farms were superb. All owener’s and staff were very accommodating.

— W Barksdale

I had the pleasure of joining Eileen in Greece. It was an incredible experience, as Eileen has a gift for teaching. She was able to accommodate all skill levels so that we all felt a great deal of accomplishment and success. Her teaching approach is clear and organized with clear goals for each assignment. My only regret is that I have not been able to join her again but I hope to soon!

— R Andreozzi

Let me start by declaring my hand. I already co-teach photo workshops with Eileen at Maine Media, in London and in New York. Let me tell you why. Ask her about camera technique, workflow or the metaphor and meaning in your work. Eileen will help your development in all these areas but more importantly, she brings a very different sensitivity to a workshop. She has an uncanny ability to tune in to the needs of the individual student and adapt her teaching style to deliver exactly what they need. Time and again I’ve seen her patient creative energy guide students to achieve their best. Her very personable style and years of experience in travel photography make her an ideal group leader.

— O Willoughby

Traveling with Eileen McCarney Muldoon over these last six years has changed my life in so many ways.  I have been to Cuba, Peru and Italy with her as well as partaking in other photography workshops in the United States. I was in the middle of my second year  in the Rhode Island School  of Design Continuing Education Photography program when the notice for her first trip to Cuba arrived.  Within ten minutes, i made the decision to go. That first trip was life changing  with my photography, travel, instruction and learning and forming life long friendships.  Eileen is an extremely knowledgeable and professional teacher as well as an accomplished photographer and learning from her has been a gift.  She is very patient yet challenges her students to do their best work. Whether traveling single within the group or with a partner, one feels very welcome and comfortable traveling with Eileen.  Cuba was so amazing that i have been every year since she has done this workshop followed by Peru in ’15 and just returned from an amazing trip in Italy.  I not only would like to but would plan on traveling with Eileen as often as possible in the future to places that i intend on visiting.

— K F Whittemore

The first time I toured with Eileen I honestly believe I experienced several years of growth over a two-week period. On each succeeding trip I have enjoyed additional inspirational bursts. I have especially benefited from her thoughtful private critiques of my photography.  Over the past four years I’ve come to look upon her as a trusted advisor. To top it all off, she is an experienced tour leader and a pleasure to be with when traveling.

— B Synwoldt