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Kathy Adams Clark has made her living as a professional nature photographer since 1995. Her work has been published in a variety of national and regional publications including National Geographic Books, The New York Times, Nature’s Best, and Sierra. Kathy teaches over fifty photography workshops and classes each year. Her work may be viewed weekly in the Houston Chronicle’s “Nature” column, written by her husband, Gary. She is Past-President of the North American Nature Photography Association.

Kathy enjoys traveling with people new to photography as well as with folks with advanced skills. She has an ability to explain complicated photographic terms in an easy-to-understand language. She likes to teach those hungry for new information but also understands that photography can be a solitary task. Each person traveling with Kathy is treated as an individual, but the group always has fun. Kathy is an accomplished naturalist as well as a photographer, skilled in many different digital cameras. She is very passionate about nature, birdlife, and wildlife.

Gary Clark joins Kathy as co-leader on some of her tours. He is an acclaimed naturalist guide in his own right will co-lead some trips each year with her. A lifelong naturalist, Gary Clark has studied birds, mammals, and butterflies in North, Central, and South America and in East Africa. He is an award winning professional writer whose column “Nature” appears weekly in the Houston Chronicle. He has authored feature articles in state and national magazines and has written ten books that include photographs from his wife, Kathy.

He frequently conducts birding workshops and leads birding tours. He is founder of the Piney Woods Wildlife Society of Texas, former president of the Houston Audubon Society, and former vice-president of the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory. Gary is a full professor at Lone Star College. Because of both Kathy & Gary’s love of nature, and the work they do, Strabo Tours is proud to make a donation to the Houston Audubon Society for each trip they take part in.

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The trip was wonderful! It was well organized and carried out. The two guides from Unique Safaris were outstanding and the rest of the staff was also outstanding. The lodges were top-notch, and the locations we visited were amazing! The hospitality of the Tanzanian people was above and beyond. Thank you, Strabo Tours, for another incredible adventure!

— J. Leslie

Hello Jacque! All good things must end, unfortunately we have to go home. Thank you for a well prepared itinerary and great accommodations. Beautiful places and birds! We thoroughly enjoyed it, with the exception of heat at one of the lodges. It was an awesome adventure. We love Costa Rica. Kathy Adams Clark is always the BEST leader. We can not say enough praises for your local guide and driver. Enthusiastic, always with a smile, kind, had time for everyone, even those non-photographers. He knows his birds, songs and all.We would love to have him again.

— L & H Laas

Hi Jacque,

The Italy trip was delightful.  We got lots of great photo opportunities, met nice people and ate too much delicious food. As I’m sure you know, Kathy is a top-notch tour leader and terrific photographer. I used this tour as a trial outing for iPhone photography, limiting myself to use of only my iPhone camera.  I did bring along a “real” mirrorless camera but resisted the temptation to use it.  So now I have several thousand image files to get into and see if the iPhone camera held up as well as many photographers claim it does. Thanks for everything, it was great fun. Be Well, Richard & Rose

— Richard and Rose

Hi Kathy, I wanted to express my gratitude for the incredible photo tour of Italy you guided us on. Each day brought new wonders and photo opportunities that we will cherish forever. Your expertise in photography and your ability to introduce us to the art of capturing great pictures were invaluable. We learned so much from you and are excited to continue honing our skills.

Beyond the photography, the experiences you curated, from the delectable food to the rich culture, were unforgettable. Italy came alive in front of our lenses, and it was an absolute joy to explore with you. Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge with us. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide. We hope our paths cross again someday. More gelato, please! Have a safe journey back home.

— Masuma

I greatly improved my skills and have evidence to show it. Great Romanian guides who did all you’d want from them and were a wealth of information about their country. Everything was a 10 out of 10 including accommodations and transportation. My photography education tripled on this trip, thanks to Kathy and the guides well organized itinerary.She spent a few hours one on one with me.

— P Bray

Thank you, Kathy! I had a blast on your tour, it was a truly outstanding trip. It was so fun to be taken from place to place with fantastic birds to see and photograph. I also loved the comfortable and unique hotels, the hotel gardens, and the food.

I learned so much through the whole experience of getting ready for the trip, shooting photos day after day, and processing (of course, not done with that!!). I’ve never had such an immersive photography experience, with so many opportunities throughout each day to shoot.

You and Willie both are so knowledgeable and experienced, yet it was neat to see that you were just as excited about seeing the birds as we were. You were both calm, well prepared, and had planned things out so well. I’m hoping to go on another one of your trips, maybe even next February in Costa Rica! 

— D. Krueger

Trip was a 10 out of 10. Kathy feels like a friend and is very knowledgeable. Your local guide was helpful and patient, what a duo they make. I got terrific help and guidance was invaluable. Lodges were way above expectations.

— P. Horvitz

Highlight of the trip was seeing the Aurora for the first time. Kathy and your local guide were a good compliment to each other. Terrific at basic camera techniques for intermediate photographers, and great at composition, and more artistic editing. Both lodges were wonderful and unique.

— M Larrabee

Highlight of the trip? Can’t name one! Entire trip was wonderful! Kathy is attentive to all participants and always available to help with any problem we had. Your local guide was very informative and gave us a greater understanding of Ireland. He’s the Best!

— R Pecot

The trip was visually wonderful. The hotel in Guanacaste gave us a nice assortment and some beautiful pictures. Some of my best photos were at Tenorio lodge. Maquenque had the honeycreepers that I loved and had much more diversity. And the vultures! Visiting a friends yard certainly worth the stop and deserves more time on future trips. It was well worth the trip even with the extra precautions and difficulties and I’m glad we were able to go. Thanks to everyone for a nice, cooperative venture. – Barb

Regarding bird species we counted 122 species!!  As for hospitality, the folks at Maquenque and Tenorio have to take the prize.  Maquenque gets a prize for serving dinner with no power – and a wonderful dessert. Tenorio gets a prize for the courteous care provided us. In general, all of our locations served as very well!

As for Kathy Adams Clark, my thoughts are best reflected by the pleasure and confidence in traveling repeatedly with you!  And, there are more trips to come!!! Similar comments can be made for the local guide!

It is a pleasure to travel with you! – Will

— B & W Hamilton

Kathy is so diligent on keeping us informed prior to the trip and what we can expect, and what we need. She is the best! Enjoy traveling with her because we have so much fun. So knowledgeable on photography and birds. Your local guide is the best! Patient and kind. Knows his birds like no other!

Your pre-departure info is always great. Love my adventures with Strabo Tours. Love the small groups and first class accommodations.

— Kim Tirlia

Your local guide is great. I love his knowledge and talks about the country, the ecosystems, and the geology of Costa Rica. He is a great birder too. Kathy’s instruction was the right amount for me. The boat trip down the San Juan River was different and a good excursion to take. I would definitely go on a trip again with Kathy, especially if the focus is photographing wildlife, nature or birds.

— B Finocchio

The trip was well organized, we covered an amazing amount of ground, and we never felt pressured. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to others. Your guides were very knowledgeable about the places visited and accommodating to our interests and needs. Both photo leader and local guide were a 10 out of 10.

— Steve & Nancy Parker

Kathy and two local driver guides were a 10 out of 10. Experiencing the amazing Northern Lights dancing across the sky for hours! Outstanding!! Kathy was always available and very helpful with settings, lens to use and any technical question we had about our camera.

— Ruby Pecot

This was our first trip to Ireland. Staying in one location and venturing out on a daily basis made everything convenient. Highly recommended to continue that format. The trip included the right amount of activity and plenty of time to take photographs and to receive additional helpful instruction from leaders.The guide and leader – could be none better. The driver was absolutely terrific as well. The hotels were a 10 out of 10!!!

— P Dodson

So many good experiences, good hotels and ecolodges for birds, great food everywhere, each location had specialties that made it well worth the travel. Every trip has special moments, and this trip had many!!!

— B. Hamilton

Kathy is the best. So patient and kind with beginners, as well as helping those with lots of experience at the same time. Every night she helped with processing photos and explaining different programs. She is just a wonderful instructor. And Romania was a wonderful trip!! Worth every penny!

— K Tirlia

Really great trip to Romania. I enjoyed the itinerary and had a fantastic time. Great instructor and very knoledgeable and good about working with all people in the group. I really enjoyed what the local guides added to the trip as well.

— M Stanton

Many highlights to the tour. My favorite parts were probably the cities in Transylvania. Local guides showed us a couple of cool spots to shoot and was able to get locals to pose for us. Accommodations were great and some good – but all great for photogprahy opportunities.

— S Litoff

This trip was more than i expected, with some really nice experiences. The breakfast visit with organiz farmer and the spontaneous encounters with gypsies working their fields were equal highlights for me. Local guide was very helful in allowing us to stop when we saw something we wanted to shoot, and facilitated our interactions with local people. The lodges were amazing and in perfect locations. This was my second trip with Strabo and locations are well chosen.

— K Bates

What a fantastic trip!  Spain was mindblowing – opening up new vistas not explored before.  And what a great group.  I feel like I was among the best of creative geniuses on this trip.  I have no intention of comparing myself to others.  I just keep on learning.

— Carol Hug

The workshop was wonderful, and hard and fulfilling and really fun! As usual, you were brilliant, prepared, encouraging, insightful and organized. Thanks again for your passion and for all the fun and knowledge you continually put in my life.

— Carol

Chris: I had a wonderful time in Romania and enjoyed the beauty of the country but especially the people with whom I had amazing meetings, which I won’t forget.

— Chris

The trip was AMAZING!!. Definitely goes in the trip of a lifetime category. Thanks for arranging all of the details for the trip! Great Job!!

— C Martin

Kathy is a remarkable photographer and is soooo willing  to share her knowledge with the traveling companions.  She provided a wealth of guidance on what might be good to shoot but was not in your way if you wanted to do things differently.  I would travel with her again in a heartbeat and will if I get the chance!

— B. Adams

I had a wonderful time on the trip to Costa Rica with Kathy & Gary Clark, got some amazing pictures that I never dreamed I could have done, learned so so much and thoroughly enjoyed all the places we stayed….. I would love to go on another trip at some point.

— M. Salkowski

I was very pleased with the whole adventure and look forward to traveling with you again. Kathy is the BEST…. I was so impressed by her ability to teach and show how to accomplish getting good results with infinite patience and good humor…. She is great at pointing out good shots and different viewpoints….I always learn a lot on photo excursions but I felt like I rally ‘got’ certain things that had eluded me before… everything ran very smoothly and I would be delighted to go with Kathy on future trips.

— N. Hauser

Kathy was a delightful escort – fun to be with and very knowledgeable about Morocco. She is an excellent photo instructor. Was very skilled at giving practical advice.  

— C. Fairchild

Kathy provided lots of very helpful one-on-one attention and advice. Very knowledgeable on birds as well as photography. And very pleasant to travel with. Logistics were very smoothly handled, and your local guide was extremely knowledgeable and experienced, terrific at spotting and identifying birds and other wildlife.


I learned so much from Kathy Adams Clark that I feel I have more tools to become a better photographer. Kathy is just delightful as a person and a great teacher! The amount of knowledge your local guide knows and imparted certainly made the tour richer as I learned much about birds and plants. He was delightful. By in large the whole trip was beautiful. Every place we went opened up a world I had not seen and enjoyed.

— J. Karel

Over all an excellent trip: food, guides, and the tour itself! Kathy did a great job.

— J Davis

Kathy is always good, but she went the extra mile. She assisted me in getting the best hummingbird photo’s I have ever taken. I particularly appreciated all the time and effort Kathy spent in setting up lights and backgrounds to enable us to get wonderful hummingbird shots. Results were fantastic. Great trip!!!

— J. Braud

Lots of very helpful one-on-one attention and advice. Very knowledgeable on birds as well as photography. And very pleasant to travel with. Logistics of tour were smoothly handled. Kathy was a 10!!

— D. Brewer

Everywhere we went was a highlight. Every place had something special. Kathy was a 10+, she was always there to give photo suggestions, help with equipment and locating things to photograph. She is an excellent teacher!

— B & R Nelson

Morocco is a land of gentle people who have a deep respect and admiration for Americans, Europeans and all who grace their land with their presence. It’s evident from their courteous and helpful manner to the curious excitement the children feel when met by strangers. I have never felt more at home or safe under the care of my Moroccan friends….

— M. Russo

This was the trip of a lifetime for me. I was challenging myself to learn all sorts of new things, photography, a new culture, and was immersed in it. It surpassed my expectations and I met so many beautiful souls along the way. Kathy was fantastic, I give her a 10++!!!

— D. Whitney

The trip was awesome. Much more than I had anticipated, every day was a unique experience. I couldn’t believe the huge amount of animals we saw, also how close they were to our landrovers. The lodges were great; but I especially enjoyed the tent camps.

— C. Sackett

Everything was so well done and organized. The abundance and variety of the wildlife was the hightlight

— J. Harland

I got the impression that Strabo Tours is an excellent organization. Congratulations on running things so well.

— S & J Dark

Kathy was able to teach and coach each member of the tour at their level of their photographic skill. She is warm, supportive and incredibly knowledgeable. This has been the “trip of a lifetime” for me!!The entire trip was more than I hoped, and I hoped for a lot. If I would try to isolate what made the trip, it would be experiencing and getting a glimpse of Ireland.

— R. Biskynis

Kathy has great patience and tolerance with students. Olcan is excellent host and source of information.

— M. Gray

I learned a lot of new things about photography and details of better camera use that I will put into practice. We were very pleased with the trip, the guides, the drivers, the food, and the accommodations.

— D. Lund

I learned a lot of new things about photography and details of better camera use that I will put into practice. Judy spent a lot of time with a video camera, but Kathy was very helpful to her when she did use her SLR.

— D & J Lund

My tour to Ireland opened my eyes to new and wonderful experiences I never thought possible.

— Randy S.

Excellent attention to detail, with the perfect leader and guide for the trip.

— A. Mueller

The trip was amazing and seamless!!!

— D. Pando

I love Costa Rica and your operations provide for a great trip. I never wanted for anything!

— C. Weber