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To view a slide show of Nancy’s images from her photo programs to Cuba, click here:  Cuba travel program with Nancy Ori

It’s a perfect of example of the wonderful opportunities you will explore with her. Nancy Ori is respected internationally for over 35 years as a corporate photographer and enjoys teaching photography and other mixed media workshops. Nancy was affiliated for many years with the Ansel Adams Workshop in California and is now on the faculty in New Jersey at several museums. She curates about six group exhibits annually and enjoys exhibiting her award-winning work regularly.

In 1990, she established the NJ Heritage Workshops for Photography and Painting, which she holds each spring in Cape May. And in 1995, she founded and still directs the New Jersey Photography Forum, a group of professional and serious amateur photographers that meet regularly to discuss their work and exhibit within the state. Under her direction, the group has grown to be the oldest and largest group of fine art exhibiting photographers in the state.

Photographing in the West Coast tradition of her long-time mentor, Ansel Adams, Nancy expresses her own interpretation of landscape and architecture. Her photographs reveal a love of light, shadow and form in the natural and man-made settings. They are powerful documentations of both the land and architecture expressing vulnerability and yet endurance. She is currently working on a series of abstract photographs she has made during the many tours she has done for Strabo globally over several years.

Nancy’s teaching style is casual and supportive, but with great passion. One of her students sums it up nicely: “The workshop was wonderful, and hard and fulfilling and really fun!  As usual, you were brilliant, prepared, encouraging, insightful and organized. Thanks again for your passion and for all the fun and knowledge my annual “photography camp” puts in my life.” Carol A. Nancy’s work has been widely published and exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the US and Europe. View her websites: or For detailed information call her at 908-790-8820.

Afternoon, Jacque, You have been on my mind.  Wondered how you are getting through these insane days of nothingness.  If you don’t have travel fantasies, then you really have nothing!

Looking forward to seeing where you are headed when this madness is over. Always love your tours, your leaders and the world that you have opened up to us when we travel with Strabo!

Glad to put in a word about how amazing your tours are. Not only well-planned, informational, but more important, personal as your leaders are so approachable during the tour, regardless of where we are. The tour leaders have always shared their connections with the land and the people for participants, and that alone keeps bringing us back to Strabo. Travel is  as much about seeing a land,  cultural enrichment  as it is about photography.

And that’s why I travel with Strabo.  Sorry to go on, just wanted to make sure you know how valuable you are to those of us with wander lust!
— S. Doner

The trip was a 10 our of 10, as well as the photo instructor. Favorite part was I loved the food, especially the meal at the farm house in Ragusa and being part of the life of that family, if for just one day. These trips are about being immersed in the culture of the location. Meeting new  photographers who share their passion along the way is an added benefit.

— S Doner

This was a wonderful trip to Ireland. Loved the different locations – city and countryside – that we encountered along the way from Dublin to Dingle. Our local guide was amazing. His knowledge of Irish history and its topography knows no bounds. Our photography guide, Nancy Ori, and Strabo’s owner, Jacque Steedle, round out this amazing trip which made the photography tour possible.

— M Menago

Hi Jacque. I made it home from Ireland. I just wanted to say again how wonderful the trip was. I enjoyed every place we visited, stayed over night and photographed. I especially like that you arranged for such good weather! I thought the group of people were very nice and easy to get along with, as was our drive and guide. Thanks for all the time and effort that you put into this trip. I really appreciate it.

— K Curtis

Last week was truly an experience of a lifetime and I can’t thank you enough for all the thought, planning, commitment, heart and soul that you and the others gave to putting the program together.  You went over and above to create an amazing, fun, memorable and truly unique experience.   This trip brought me much joy, positive energy, inner peace and photographic knowledge. I had an absolute ball!  Absolutely loved all the direct interaction with the people.  This aspect truly differentiates your workshop from a typical trip and made it a very personal, connected and memorable experience.  

— Janis

Nancy, that was a great trip. The work that you put into it was very apparent from the variety of experiences we had and the number of people we met. My favorite parts were spending the whole week based in one place and getting a sense of what life is like for the people who live there. Another plus, in my opinion, was the amount of time spent and the subjects covered in lessons. As a “point and shooter”, I  felt that what was being taught was interesting and relevant, even though I did not have the capability of implementing some of the suggestions. 

— Iris L.

Your instructions regarding exposure settings, use of flash outdoors, control of flash intensity were invaluable. I have a new-found appreciation for variations in natural light as well, while there is much to learn, these tidbits have renewed my interest and passion for photography. It is a wonder and a pleasure to take photos that capture what I saw, and wanted, with minimal adjustments. Also, you were wonderful in taking the time to critique my old photos. While others had given me their thoughts yours were the most insightful, directive and helpful.  

— Edgar

I’ve thought a lot about the trip and felt that your instruction was excellent and your patience with our questions and our technical inadequacies was remarkable. I thought everyone else would be much more accomplished than I am and was delighted that I could keep up and learn so many new things. Your teaching style matches my learning style – focused and to the point. I also learned so much from my fellow students who graciously shared their knowledge and experience. The scheduling and pacing of the trip were excellent even though by the evening I was too exhausted to participate in the frivolity. However, I didn’t feel left out because you did not use that time for instruction. It was a great workshop for content, organization and student support.

— Ruth