Karen & Joel Schulman

Karen & Joel Schulman
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Karen and Joel have been working in the photographic field for over 35 years and are both accomplished professional photographers. Karen is a skilled and sensitive photographic artist and educator and during our tour will share ideas and knowledge to help you create great travel photographs, whether you are using a DSLR or an iPhone! Joel is an expert in the digital imaging world and has done photographic printing for some of the most notable names in fine art photography. He will share his knowledge of both the technical and creative aspects of the photographic medium.

In addition, Karen and Joel will offer visual presentations and discussions highlighting the development of personal vision and awareness, and show how light, color, composition, gesture and 'the moment' contribute to the success of a photograph. There will also be opportunities to have photo reviews of your images, so everyone can learn and share from each other, or private photo reviews can be arranged. Both Karen and Joel are passionate iPhoneographers and during your tour will offer optional creative iPhoneography instruction. Our goal is to make this tour enjoyable and fun for both serious and casual photographers!

From Karen: "I encourage each person to give themselves permission to make mistakes, permission to create. The more we learn to 'see' with our mind, heart and spirit, the more of an adventure life becomes."

Links above are for Karen, If you wish to review Joel's work or contact him: www.photographicsart.com, joel@photographicsart.com

Many thanks to you both for helping us discover Cuba; it was such a rich and exotic experience! We will enjoy the memories and the photos for many years to come. 

Lana and Joe
P & B Roemmich

Pam & I agree that this vacation was the best we have ever done. We found all the people and experiences far exceeded our wildest expectations. We had a super group of fellow travelers. I thought Karen did a great job both as a photo instructor and a champion to bring our group together. Because of our superior experience we plan to join Karen in Ireland next summer.

Jacque is a fantastic person to work with. She kept us up to date on all our travel plans. We look forward to working her in the future!!

P & B Roemmich

Strabo’s trip to Cuba will be one you will never forget. There are photo ops galore. While Cuba may be economically deprived, it is culturally rich.


Photo By: Sheryl Sparks

It is so wonderful to be able to go to such a location for the soul purpose of photography.  The easy and spontaneous adventure that this was makes me want to go on another Focus Adventure Tour.  I was skeptical of the "iPhoneography" lesson but I participated and I can say that maybe it has truly changed my life.  My creativity was certainly heightened and encouraged on this trip.  I am so glad I went.


The Cuba trip was absolutely amazing!!!  Joel and Karen did a great job of balancing our interests with those of the more serious, photographers in our group.  The entire trip was very relaxed, with just the right balance of structure, sightseeing, and socializing.  The entire group got along very well, and our guide, Leonel was a tremendous resource!  Our driver, Jose, could not have been better. 

T. Schwall
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