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About Betty

Join accomplished photographer and guide Betty Sederquist. About 20 years ago, Betty was asked to teach photography at the local community college near where she lives in California east of Sacramento. Teaching, both in classrooms and via small workshops, has become her greatest calling, her way of giving back for the many opportunities she has had. Great light and composition continue to excite Betty.

It is her passion and joy to share this enthusiasm. Many students have joked that she has “ruined their lives,” that they see things so differently now. Betty is grateful that she can help.

I have experienced “once in a life” experiences viewing and photographing wildlife in their natural habitats on her excursions to Alaska and East Africa. What wonderful memories! Thank you, Betty!

— Laurie Edwards

Betty doesn’t just love her art form of photography, she enthuses it through her teachings and it shines out from every cell of her being.

— Javsir Samrai

I really appreciate that I was able to take Betty’s Iceland trip. This was quite an experience. Nohting but high praise for everything about this trip.

— C Volpe