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Ron started leading photo tours in 1967. In those years he has led hundreds of tours to many destinations worldwide. Ron has retired from Clark University after teaching photography there for thirty years. He has published five books of his exquisite black and white photographs: The Light of Ireland, Hymn to the Earth, Chiostro (Cloister), Inspirations, Photographs of Iceland, and his color book Journeys. Ron’s work has been featured in over one hundred exhibitions, both in the U.S. and abroad, and his photographs are to be found in the permanent collections of the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA.  Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University, the Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, MA, and the International Center of Photography in New York City.

Ron is happy to share his vision and insights to all who travel with him. Although he now only photographs with a digital camera, his philosophy of teaching hasn’t changed since the early large format film days. He firmly believes that the photograph comes from within, not from without. Meaning you can’t buy creativity, however, you have to learn to recognize that creative spirit within. Ron teaches exercises that will help that creative spirit come to the surface. These may consist of: 1) Entry ways to seeing, 2) photographing in the NOW, 3) practical aspects of printing, exhibiting and getting your work out there.

During the photo tour he will teach and use a digital projector several evenings. Most people who travel with Ron have a basic understanding of how the camera works, and others who know everything about the camera. He doesn’t focus on technical knowledge, rather places the emphasis on a more Zen approach. Ron believes it isn’t necessary to know all the latest digital technique, but it is necessary to know yourself. Please feel free to view Ron’s website and e-mail regarding any questions.

Why do you LOVE nature photography?   By Ron Rosenstock Let me use some of the same words, Nature photography is LOVE!  Since the very beginning of our species starting to walk upright, we have been recreating nature in various art forms, from cave paintings to digital photography. Technology has changed, but what is most important, hasn’t. The world’s greatest artists have received their inspiration from nature. We are as much a part of nature as nature is a part of us.  For those of us that take the time to smell the flowers, it’s so much more.  Poets but their feelings into words, painters paint and we photograph.  Each image we make is showing us on a deeper level, who we really are. “Listen, my heart, to the whispering of the world. That is how it makes love to you” Tagore

Everything was a highlight. Each day was different and special. Well organized and wonderful trip. Ron did a great job taking us to his favorite places and organizing each day. The driver was very professional and a pleasure to e with.

— R Rosales
Highlights were getting to know the Irish people – travellng back roads, seeing the West Irish countryside, music in the pubs, and the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Westport.

Ron has so many friends in County Mayo. He could adjust activities to fit the needs of the group.
— C & S Dunham
Ron and Ismail were the dream team! I feel very fortunate to have had such amazing tour leaders. Over all, loved the trip.”
— N. Greenberg
I enjoyed the food, the shopping (where we were supporting the communities of artisans), the landscape, and the architecture. I think the diversity of places is part of what made the trip so outstanding.
— K. Kassap

Vinalhaven was great. I learned new things from Ron and enjoyed the place, which is like another country. We had a fantastic sunset the first night.

— Hope


Nice course, nice class today! It’s such a pleasure seeing your work…. and learning more about the “vision” you put into creating individual photographs. You’re as much a master of coaxing from software what you want the final print to be, as Ansel was in his physical darkroom work. And your images are every bit as striking as his. Maybe even more so. As I said, I learned a lot. And I think you for that. – Nick

— N. Miles
Our trip was a wonderful experience. Your planning which gave a savory taste of so much of what Ireland offers will be a memory I will always cherish. Thank you for the special stops that you did just because of my requests. I’ve already learned to play “Twinkle, Twinkle” on the tin whistle. Thank you for the high crosses and the dolmen. They were my favorites though there were many more…the areas of the potato famine were very moving.
— R. Smith

Hi Jacque, We wanted to say how much we enjoyed the tour with Ron. He was so organized and knew just where to go  despite the weather and all the other issues he was dealing with during the worldwide health crisis. And the organizational credit also goes to you!  We send you a huge thank you. We knew that you and Ron were working together trying to insure that we had plane reservations for home and hotels during our stay, etc. The woman behind the ‘curtain’…. we knew that you were doing your best to make everything happen. So a huge thank you to you as well.

Hope you stay healthy and we all keep our sound minds during this ‘strange’ time… as the Irish keep saying!


— J & S Morrell

Dear Ron,

Thank you for such a fantastic photo tour! I found it was a perfect balance of photo opportunities and learning about Morocco’s culture, people, history and economy. As I’ve been reviewing my photos, I find myself saying, “Wow— we were actually there!” Your evening photo talks were useful and informative— they’ve helped me to become a more relaxed and better photographer.


— Joanne Shapiro

At the end of 2018, my husband, Mark, and I went on a 17 day tour to Morocco with Strabo Tours. Led by renowned photographer, Ron Rosenstock, cultural ambassador, Ismail Bourqqadi, and our excellent driver, Yassim, we journeyed by van from King Hussan II’s amazing mosque in Casablanca to the enchanting blue town of Chefchaouen and then the tannery, weaver and pottery workshops of Fes. After traversing the snow capped Atlas Mountains, we slept 2 dreamy nights in desert tents after walking on foot and riding camels in the Merzouga dunes.

Next we travelled through the Land of 1000 Kasbahs, stopping at abandoned, but perfectly preserved shrines; fossilized marble, rug and spice shops; Yves St. Laurent’s Cactus Garden, and the Marrakech Medina with its’ musicians, snake charmers, etc. Lastly, 5 of our band of 7, went on an extended jaunt to the beaches of Essaourra, where Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and Cat Stevens used to hang out and saw nearby goats in argon trees.

Needless to say, it was the trip of a lifetime! There was plenty to eat, the lodgings were fantastic (often hidden in fountained courtyards behind busy alleys), but most important were the Moroccan people and places, that anyone would appreciate experiencing, but are especially inspirational to artists. We were the only couple and Mark was the only one without professional photographic equipment, but he took great pictures with his iPhone and we all enjoyed each other’s company. With Ron’s 20+ years taking artists all over the world, no matter where you go with him, you’re bound to have an incredible time. His Ireland trip should be special, because he had a house there for many years and really knows the lay of the land.

— A Dunkelman

Wonderful trip. The places were beautiful, very safe, and the Japanese people we interacted with were amazing. There was a nice balance of scheduled treks and free time. Thank you for all the care that goes into planning the trips and the communication to us. We are so thrilled to have been able to go. And the group was great. Ron makes it so comfortable and gets us to amazing places.

Everything was so clean and cared for. Very friendly service at hotels etc. Local guide was amazing, very friendly, caring, knew so much about what we were seeing. She took care of each of us, helping with anything that we wanted to do, guiding us through all the trains, bus and rail stations. Huge asset to the trip. Ron does a great job leading us, and has a wonderful attitude toward new experiences and foreign travel.

— Mary Thayer

Trip was a 10! I think the Sahara was the best. Loved sleeping in berber tents. The photography was gorgeous and many wonderful photo opportunities. Ron always knew where to be when for best photographs. I’ve known him since 1982 when I went to Ireland, and I always wanted to do his Morocco trip after seeing photos and notices on Facebook from him. His energy, enthusiasm and humor was contagious. I liked his photo talks every so often as he wanted us all to see different things and find our own vision. He showed us examples of his work and other photographers that influenced him. Always informative of our daily activities and culture of Morocco. I loved the variety of hotels and lodges.

— A Converse

It is tough to pick just one highlight of the tour. Each segment of the trip was fantastic.
Florence – early morning photography, walking tours of the city, and the excellent food
Tuscany – amazing landscapes, towns and wine tasting
Venice – it exceeded everything I had heard

Ron is a 10 plus!!! Your local guide and hotels all 10’s. Loved the trip and now have some great photo memories to view and share with family. We are thinking about Scotland for next year.

— T Hopewell

What was the highlight of your trip: Being able to compare pictures with Ron and seeing first hand how he creates his images. Ron and local guide were a 10 our to 10, as well as all the accommodations. We had a wonderful time; each location was unique and special. Ron and Sabina had a way to get us to interesting locations at the right times. The grape harvest on the vineyard behind the villa is something that you can’t plan for. The water taxi through the canals of Venice was inspiring.

My hope was to come away with 5-6 HERO images, this was more than exceeded. I am down to 20 excellent pictures!!!

— Jim Hopewell

I had to think for a while about the highlight of the tour. Ron was very open minded about which post processing software was used by the participants. He addressed the general principles of post processing, rather than focusing on a single software product. The inclusiveness of this approach was the highlight of the workshop for me.

— Jeff Wilburn

What is your overall rating of the trip? 10 out of 10. Working with Ron, great leader and teacher. The accommodations were also a 10, a relaxing environment with local great owners. The meeting room was great for our group. Great photo shoot locations. Instruction and the opportunity to talk about photography, all lead by Ron.

— David Pinkham

Known as a land of fire and ice, Iceland’s topography is stark and diverse, with a light that seems to emanate from within.  In a land subject to violent forces of nature, Ron’s quiet, yet powerful, vision is able to capture the country’s pristine beauty.  Many of his images of snow patterns, broken ice, surf, and lava, tend to create abstract patterns that draw the viewer in. And, throughout the book, Ron evocatively captures the softness of waterfalls and swirling tides, as well as the power of lava formations and sea stacks. Even if you have been to Iceland, one is mysteriously touched by the haunting landscape.  And, if, like me, you haven’t been there – his captivating photographs make you long to visit this vast, unspoiled country

— S. Corbin

One of my favorite places on our trip was our overnight to Miyajima Island. For many reasons, but one of the main points was it was our first introduction to the iconic Japanese Maples in their full color. And what a sight it was. Local guide was terrific, enjoyed her knowledge and sense of humor. She did her upmost to make sure we saw Japan and its culture.

— J. Billman

Fantastic, simply fantastic. Having a knowledgeable tour guide that knew the best places to photograph and eat along with a driver that seamlessly navigated the irish roads are the primary reasons for taking this type of tour. Ron, however, went beyond this; he was able to include a lot of Irish history, culture and spirituality along with his unique presentations on the art of photography. Would like to do another tour with Ron.

— J Hopewell

It was great to travel with Ron, whose work I’ve long admired, and who knows the area, its people, and is so flexible with the itinerary. Aside from being inspired by his photographs, discussions, and the beautiful and interesting places he led us to, it was a wonderful to meet his local friends and even to be welcomed by some to their homes.

— S Skoloff

Ron does a great job of getting us to beautiful places and keeping us very comfortable, and helping us with our photography.  His love for Vinalhaven came through in many ways. Having Ron show us editing was great. I would suggest he do 2 photos per person, though I learned a lot from watching him work on others’ photos. And the matting was very helpful. Leaving with a printed photo all matted and in a protective plastic was great. Vinalhaven is a very special place.  I am so glad we got there. And as per Ron’s style, he took us to hidden away places and privately owned spots. We got much more of a sense of the island through the local people Ron interacted with. I enjoyed getting much more used to IR, Ron’s comments during the week were very helpful regarding the IR. I didn’t use my regular camera on purpose, so I’d have to concentrate on the IR. The group was lovely.

— R & M Thayer

On this, our third trip with Ron and Strabo, I observed a dimension I hadn’t noticed before: flexibility. Ron (and Ingo) were able to dance with the weather. Then I got to thinking. Flexibility, yes, but against a background of careful planning: accommodations, meals, even catering to allergies. I have done enough “self-guided” tours to appreciate what that means.  As Strabo tourists, we simply sat back and watched the ever-changing scenery. And it was a big plus that both guides had visited sites many times before. Again, I thank you for your efforts. We have traveled with other tours. Strabo is by far the best for people like us.

— D.Wurtzel

Pardon the belated thank you; Maria and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we had in Florence and Tuscany. It was great meeting and getting to know you and you were terrific hosts. The photographic locations and instruction you brought were terrific. I thought we had just the right amount of photography and then taking time out to enjoy the wonderful cuisine of the area. Photography and food are two of our favorite things! I have been editing many of he images and am really happy with what I got. There will be lots of great memories from this trip. We hope to join you on another trip real soon; we are starting to make out next year’s vacation schedule.

— E & M Pronske

Ron was the perfect leader for this trip. He is organized, supportive and very generous with advice and his camera equipment. I would definitely do another trip with him.

— K. Marryat

In my humble opinion this was a well run trip that delivered just what it promised.  The pacing worked perfectly for me.  I liked stopping at lots of different locales.  We seldom stayed anywhere that was too short or too long for me.  Can’t think of anything that would have improved the trip for me. I give the trip and Ron Rosenstock a 10 out of 10.

— E. Clark

WOW!  Our trip this summer with you to Greenland and Iceland was a trip to remember for a lifetime. Greenland was an adventure, we loved it! The Icebergs, boating, staying in an Inuit village.  and the scenery were fantastic. In Iceland, at each place we stayed and ate we were so well taken care of, thanks to all the planning done beforehand. We love traveling with you Ron, you calmly adjust to situations and you bring us to fantastic places. ‘Till next time…

— Mary & Rick Thayer

The tour leader, Ron Rosenstock, set the tone immediately with his calm, confident, caring cordial and altogether welcoming engagement with each participant. I loved the freedom to explore what I wanted to photograph insead of being told how to shoot. That said, when I asked for some feedback it was candid and helpful and made a lot of difference to how I approached what I shot thereafter….. and the thereafter shots were a great deal better!!!

— M. McKiel

Bottom line: the trip was awesome! I think it was all & more than as advertised. We got what we went there fore…. outstanding photography & adventure. Ron has many repeat clients for his tours because he is a consummate photographer, a great organizer, and a great tour leader. Everything else was top noth. The accommodations & meals in Iceland were all any of us could expect. The local Danish chef who cooked all our meals in Greenland was extraordinary, we admired him and became good friends. 

— R. Frederick

It is amazing what your local guide in Greenland is doing in Tasiilaq. His houses were great to stay in, a real taste of Greenland life. He is also an excellent captain, it ws a real treat being out on the water with him. Ron does a fantastic job. It is so comfortable going with him, and the places we get to and the experiences we have are fantastic. The group was great to.

— M Thayer

This is my second photo tour with Ron and I will travel with him again. He is an experienced leader and teacher who is able to share with his group not only his knowledge of photography but his knowledge of the area being visited. I appreciated the addition of the local guide, his personable knowledge really added to the experience. It was fun to get to know a ‘real’ Icelander. I liked that we went all around the whole island. I feel like I have, indeed, seen it all, and that ‘all’ was overwhelming in its beauty and scope.

— Jeanne Procell

I can’t say enough about Ron. I’ve been on four Ireland trips and New Zealand last January with him. Iceland is now on my bucket list. He is a master leader who’s perfect at getting us to the best places at the best time with the best photographic guidance. His willingness to share his companionship and knowledge (always with good humor) were immeasurable gifts to all of us. This was one of my most memorable trips ever.

— S. Corbin

Ron was a gracious host and wonderful tour leader.  He made sure every one of us was comfortable and that we had the best opportunities for photographing.  His itinerary was diverse, interesting, and fun.  I loved his stories!  Jacque was amazing about the details.  The food was delicious.  The tour days were exciting and interesting.

— K.Gagne

The highlght of my trip was the end of the day.  Staying in the house and being waited on, discussions at night and info sharing.  Of COURSE the Irish countryside was great, but every Irish tour would  have this.  Ron is one of the nicest people I have ever met.  I feel privileged to have taken this photo tour with him as the leader.  He has so much information to share and practical advice, plus good stories and humor.   I am lucky to have made his aquaintance.  

— M.Coughlan

Ron was a gracious host and wonderful tour leader.  He made sure every one of us was comfortable and that we had the best opportunities for photographing.  His itinerary was diverse, interesting and fun.  I loved his stories!  Jacque was amazing about the details.  The food was delicious.  The tour days were exciting and interesting.

— K.Gagne

Ron – I did not get a chance to tell you that out of the four trips that I have taken with Strabo Tours, your trip has been the most significant in terms of photographic education, knowledge of the working subject and personal experience.  You shared your photographic knowledge and experience with the group and that makes a difference to me. Thank you.  I am looking forward to meeting you again in future travels!

— W.Diaz

Ron was very helpful in all areas of the trip. I enjoyed his ‘tutorials’ each evening, especially the one where he took us through the editing process by showing us his before and after shots. He was also helpful when we were out shooting if we had any questions. He didn’t speak above our heads but shared information in a clear way – the mark of a good teacher! He wa enthusiastic and fun to be with, which set the tone for a great trip.

— J. Procell

This trip exceeded expectations by far! This was the result of your continuing concerns and interest in presenting to us so many aspects and views of Ireland.

— J. Bromley

Ron was a perfect trip leader. He dealt with all personalities of the group in a tactful manner. He made decisions based on what was best for all. He’s got a special talent.

— J. & B. Cummings

My recent experience in Morocco was enriched by the kindness and friendliness of its’ people. Never did I feel any concern about being an American in a Muslim country. I was struck by how profound, personal, respectful, and diverse their religious connections are and felt privilegedthat I could meet and be in an Islamic community that is far different from what is portrayed in the news media. Along the way I met and spoke to many Israeli tourists who see Morocco as a “must visit” place to go.

— S.W. Pitlik

Ron was great, not only was he open and knowledgeable as an instructor, but a wonderful person. Couldn’t have asked for better.

— N. Taveras

The Town of Chefchaouen was the highlight of the trip, a delightful place. Hope you keep it on your itinerary.It is obvious that Ron loves what he is doing. From start to finish he is helpful, knowledgeable, gets to know everyone and gives extra assistance where needed.

— K. Clarkin

Ron, you provided ample opportunities to capture the essence of the landscape. However, I cherish most your times of sharing on creating your images, and the suggestions and comments you gave me regarding my own photographs. I am often recalling something you said or an image comes to mind as I contemplate some scene. I expect to see long-term results from my time with you.

— D. Lusk

Ron was very good and I would definitely go on another trip with him. I’d also like to thank Jacque for her patience with all of my questions. I had a really amazing time and wish it could have lasted longer! I hope to do another Strabo tour in the future.

— A. Gershin

Wonderful! I thank you, Ron, for one of the most memorable experiences I have ever encountered! What a delight. And loved that all the participants were gentle and loving and kind!

— J. Dunne

Thank you for a fabulous trip! It was a blast and I actually learned some things too. I have made some progress on my Photoshop Elements skills, and am now able to selectively dodge and burn. Whoo-hoo! My next goal is to figure out how to work with layers.

— D. Broxterman

Ron is passionate, professional, easily shared his experiences and photography of Iceland- even more of his photo’s would be welcomed. Stefan is charming, super knowledgeable Icelandic native, with wonderful connections, wonderful tales, sagas, insights into the Icelandic culture. All we needed was great spots – amply provided, weather could have been more cooperative, but you can’t have everything. Comfortable transportation, accommodations, and super scenery. Plenty of time and space to photograph.

— G. Frederick

Ron was great, as usual – very open, fair, positive, and inspiring. Local guide was wonderful – extremely knowledgable about Iceland and just about everything. Never stopped working. Iceland had a great balance, the pace was active but not overwhelming. The sights visited were all worthwhile, and I enjoyed the flexibility of stopping for interesting shoots.

— N. Taveras

Ron, thank you especially for helping me see the beauty of clouds, of reflections of reeds in water, of silvery halos illuminating foxgloves in the forest, and of sunshine-patterned abbey windows on wet gravestones. Thanks to you, I leave with a new appreciation for the wonder and beauty of the world.

— J. Mitchell

Loved the boundless enthusiasm for all things Irish! His good humor and knowledge of the people, history, folklore, cuisine, and landscape of Mayo made the trip great. Loved going to pub sessions, too! He was very patient with all of us and I enjoyed the way he would point out his favorite spots to photograph.

— G. Alexander

Ron is my idea of the quintessential photo tour guide. He was happy to share his professional experience, knowledge and tricks of the trade with us. His love of Ireland, its people, history, architecture, and landscape came to life for us through Ron’s sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, always interesting stories.

— S. Cocanour

This was a trip of a lifetime – we thoroughly enjoyed the guides and the country – Bhutan has wonderful people – and the landscape was fantastic!

— M.Fernandez

This was an amazing experience, the best photographs I’ve ever made, nice group of people, Ron insured we really had the time at each location, totally, totally wonderful. It was a hard trip compared to most, but very rewarding. There’s a higher physical requirement than other trips but totally do-able by the average healthy person.

— M. Russo

The people are amazing. The Tiger’s Nest, although very taxing, was excellent. I think you’ve found the best Bhutanese tour guide!

— D Lavoie

We found the Moroccans to be hospitable and friendly, who are proud of their country and love their King. Our marvelous guide Ismail was about the best we have ever known, and we are experienced travellers. The country is exotic and beautiful – a must see! We felt safe at all times.

— T. & J. Beers

Ron is very patient! This being important to us who are amateurs and not professionals. Marcos is the very best! He highlighted the trip. The Peruvian Prince! The tour was everything I had hoped for and exceeded my expectations in most cases.

— R. Gregory

I enjoyed the trip very much, I had a good time and have some great photos.

— B. Stripling

Prague – Your guide was terrific in getting a personal insight in to Eastern Europe under the communists.

— A. & D. Munizza

Just wanted to say “thanks” for a great Tour! Loved the areas you selected. Great crew. Great participants. Great time!

— J. Trunck

Many thanks for a wonderful trip. The photography has been most productive, but more importantly your insight into creativity will prove most helpful in the future. I hope to be making an other trip with you next year.Thanks again.

— F. Mertes

Ron was great!!! He was knowledgeable and helpful and lots of fun. I would definitely travel with him again. The Czech Republic was lovely, particularly outside Prague.

— R. Bruegmann

Excellent presentation. I can’t think of any suggestions. Really enjoyed the variety of photos shown, plus the presentation and instructor’s knowledge. Very informative and fun to hear info and learning the material. I’m motivated to take better photos!

— Julie M.

Joyce and I both felt that it was a trip-of-a-lifetime. The group was small enough so that we became friendly with everyone, and it was not too unwieldy in getting around. The places we stayed were as nice as you could ever hope for. The photographs that we were able to take make me look as though I am a pro. The quaint little villages that we visited in Tuscany have left a lasting impression on us, and the special vineyards and little churches just made the whole trip so special. The places we ate, and the food, both were first-rate. The extra effort that you made was greatly appreciated.

— L. Dobens

Ron really was dedicated, and worked diligently to accomplish showing us the Ireland that he loves. Ron also has a wonderful personality for a tour leader: open, and humerous!

— J Bromley

We enjoyed all the history and stories of the areas we were visiting. ron is very knowledgeable, it was GREAT!!

— B & M Stewart

Ron’s attention to detail had a direct impact on the participants’ experience. He was always available to answer technical questions when asked.

— L Poirier

Ron was delightful as a tour guide, he’s always careful to make sure everyone’s comfortable. Of course, I so enjoy seeing a new country with him. Iceland is so beautiful a country that you can’t do it justice. No one realized how a mazing a country Iceland is!!

— M. Russo

Trip score 20 out of 10!!!I guess the score tells it all. What an unbelievable asset your guides are.

— B. Hayes

Ron is excellent. I’ve been with him 3 times before and he is just outstanding. He has always been good about answering any questions participants may have. I think Laura was an excellent asset to this tour. Her knowledge of the art and history of Venice is quite impressive. It was well worth it!!!

— T. Babich

Your talk on photography and the spirituality of photography was a great revelation for me as I have always felt this way about it myself. Your talk was the affirmation I had been searching for. It was great beyond words to be participating with a group of Artists who were as passionate as I about photography and image making.

— M. McLaughlin

It is a photographers paradise-so much to shoot and in the most incredible light. But what makes Ron’s trip special is RON. Ron takes care of his people. Even the most timid, first time traveler is included, drawn out, mentored and educated. I truly look forward to exploring elsewhere under such positive circumstances.

— B. Bartel

Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Italy trip. You did a great job of showing us all the beautiful areas that we would not have seen on our own. I keep trying to decide what of the three places (Florence, Tuscany, or Venice)I enjoyed the most but can not decide. The early morning shots were the best thing too.

— C. Sackett

I really appreciated Ron’s knowledge of the area and his passion for photography. It is great to have a leder who understands the importance of lighting and who is willng to get up early to capture the early morning lighting. Without Ron’s guidance there were many great shots that i would not have captured. Thanks for a great trip Ron, and I hope to meet up with you again in the future.

— P. Rice

Ron, the inspiring teacher, and our Iceland knowledgeable guide, collaborated to make this a trip of a lifetime. Iceland is a photographer’s and a geologist’s dream, the Earth undressed and at work. Constant photographic opportunities for unusual landscapes.

— K. Beausoleil

What is a trip to Italy like with Ron? Lets see… Unbelievable food and fabulous accommodations…. Golden sunsets in rolling hills covered with ancient vineyards and olive trees… Wonderful and unusual people who make every experience special… Visits to special places I’d never find on my own… The time to explore tiny little towns with my camera… and the camaraderie of a group of people who are just as excited as I to be there and explore. And then there’s Ron, who’s list of friends all over the world are delighted to see us and extend their hospitality like we were family. Ron, who makes sure everyone is getting what they want from their trip while he enjoys each journey as if it were his own first moment of discovery. I can’t wait to return.

— M Russo