Photo by: Ron Rosenstock
Location: Nuuk Greenland



Greenland and Iceland

2021 Rates Listed

  • Check out Ron’s YouTube video with a brief summary of his Greenland and Iceland Photo Tours.
  • Accomplished photographer and tour leader Ron Rosenstock.
  • Tour limited to 11 passengers.
  • Two+ days of Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland, with Ron and local driver guide.
  • Four evenings to photograph icebergs, glaciers, and Inuit villages of Western Greenland.
  • Boat excursions with heated cabins and bathroom, to explore and photograph fjords, islands, and melting glaciers, calving before you into the sea.
  • Visit various Inuit villages and learn about their indigenous history and hardy lifestyle.
  • Although viewing the Northern Lights cannot be guaranteed, the timing of the tour is set to capture this wonder from Nuuk.





September 9-16, 2022


7 days


per person, double occupancy*

All spots are currently taken for this tour.

*U.S. dollars based upon minimum of 8 participants. There is a small group surcharge of $500 if 4-7 participants. We try to accommodate travelers who request single accommodations, as well as travelers who are looking for a roommate. If a single room is requested (subject to availability), or if we are unable to find a suitable roommate, there is a single room surcharge of $795.

Tour Overview

Ron recently returned from a tour to Nuuk, Greenland. He is excited to return next year with a group of like-minded fellow photographers who want to be at the right place at the right time. Ron has been taking groups to Eastern Greenland for years but finds the accommodations in the West much more comfortable with all ensuite rooms, choice of restaurants to walk to, and boat excursions in heated cabins with bathrooms on board.

Join accomplished photographer,...

Ron recently returned from a tour to Nuuk, Greenland. He is excited to return next year with a group of like-minded fellow photographers who want to be at the right place at the right time. Ron has been taking groups to Eastern Greenland for years but finds the accommodations in the West much more comfortable with all ensuite rooms, choice of restaurants to walk to, and boat excursions in heated cabins with bathrooms on board.

Join accomplished photographer, teacher, and guide, Ron Rosenstock on this special tour of West Greenland. Ron is a veteran tour leader, taking a group each year to Iceland since 2005 and to Greenland since 2017; he has also conducted more than 200 tours to numerous other destinations worldwide.

What to Expect

Enjoy four evenings in Nuuk with three boat tours during your stay. One will be to a remote area to capture the Northern Lights, or you may be able to photograph them right from the city of Nuuk  (see Ron’s cover photo). All participants need to be able to get in and out of boats with their camera gear in hand (easily accessible via docks) and go out on various easy-to-moderate walks during your stay. During our initial excursions in Iceland, you will be joined by a local driver guide with vehicle. Be prepared for early morning and evening cold temps, with long hours outside each day. Given this information, you will be amazed by the landscape and imagery you capture in these beautiful, untamed settings. It’s a must see for all photographers.

All accommodations are ensuite in Iceland and Greenland. Single rooms are available throughout the journey. Meals will be of the local variety, which will consist of seafood, and lamb, with limited meat and chicken while in Greenland. Notify Strabo Tours of any dietary restrictions. You may wish to pack specific snacks in your checked luggage.


Photo Leader

Ron Rosenstock

Known as a land of fire and ice, Iceland’s topography is stark and diverse, with a light that seems to emanate from within.  In a land subject to violent forces of nature, Ron’s quiet, yet powerful, vision is able to capture the country’s pristine beauty.  Many of his images of snow patterns, broken ice, surf, and lava, tend to create abstract patterns that draw the viewer in. And, throughout the book, Ron evocatively captures the softness of waterfalls and swirling tides, as well as the power of lava formations and sea stacks. Even if you have been to Iceland, one is mysteriously touched by the haunting landscape.  And, if, like me, you haven’t been there – his captivating photographs make you long to visit this vast, unspoiled country

— S. Corbin

Ron was the perfect leader for this trip. He is organized, supportive and very generous with advice and his camera equipment. I would definitely do another trip with him.

— K. Marryat

WOW!  Our trip this summer with you to Greenland and Iceland was a trip to remember for a lifetime. Greenland was an adventure, we loved it! The Icebergs, boating, staying in an Inuit village.  and the scenery were fantastic. In Iceland, at each place we stayed and ate we were so well taken care of, thanks to all the planning done beforehand. We love traveling with you Ron, you calmly adjust to situations and you bring us to fantastic places. ‘Till next time…

— Mary & Rick Thayer

Bottom line: the trip was awesome! I think it was all & more than as advertised. We got what we went there fore…. outstanding photography & adventure. Ron has many repeat clients for his tours because he is a consummate photographer, a great organizer, and a great tour leader. Everything else was top noth. The accommodations & meals in Iceland were all any of us could expect. The local Danish chef who cooked all our meals in Greenland was extraordinary, we admired him and became good friends. 

— R. Frederick

It is amazing what your local guide in Greenland is doing in Tasiilaq. His houses were great to stay in, a real taste of Greenland life. He is also an excellent captain, it ws a real treat being out on the water with him. Ron does a fantastic job. It is so comfortable going with him, and the places we get to and the experiences we have are fantastic. The group was great to.

— M Thayer

Many thanks for a wonderful trip. The photography has been most productive, but more importantly your insight into creativity will prove most helpful in the future. I hope to be making an other trip with you next year.Thanks again.

— F. Mertes

Tour Itinerary

September 9: Home

Your journey to Greenland goes through Iceland, making this an amazing adventure in which you will be immersed in the wild beauty of both countries. Depart home tonight on an overnight flight to Keflavik International Airport (KEF) outside Reykjavik, Iceland. Arrive early morning (by 7 a.m.) on September 10.


September 10: Keflavik-Reykjanes Peninsula

After your early arrival in Keflavik Airport, you will meet your local Icelandic guide for a photo excursion on the Reykjanes Peninsula. During the day you will explore a diverse landscape that most tourists never see. Ron and the local guide will take in to account the light and weather, to determine the photo opportunities for today and on your last day of this journey. There are cliffs located just south of Hafnir, an old fishing town. Watch the ocean beating along the beach and cliffs. There is also a lovely lighthouse that stands on a hill guarding another spectacular beach.

Depending on the tide, there is also a unique bridge to photograph, standing where there used to be a trading post, swept away in 1799 by a tidal flood. A short hike will take you to the tidal area looking up at the bridge. Taking the weather into consideration, we may visit the unique Viking Ship and Museum.

The group will check in to your Keflavik hotel late this afternoon. Have a bit of a rest and then walk with Ron to a local restaurant for your welcome dinner. Overnight Keflavik (D)

September 11: Nuuk Greenland

Air Greenland round trip flight is included. Those wanting to explore with Ron for sunrise photography can do so, returning to the hotel for breakfast. After which enjoy a group walk with Ron, continuing photography in the harbor and in the town of Keflavik. The hotel provides shuttle service, which will return you to Keflavik airport in time for your flight to Nuuk, Greenland (currently 4PM), flight time approximately 3.5 hours.

Upon arrival in Nuuk, Ron will assist the group in getting to your accommodations for the next four evenings. After getting settled into your rooms, Ron will lead you on a walking tour to acquaint you with the neighborhood surrounding the hotel, harbor, and other areas to photograph. Overnight Nuuk (B, D)

September 12-14: Western Greenland

The day-by-day events can always change depending on  weather and light conditions. Your guides will take these factors into consideration as they plan the schedule for the next day. You may purchase a packed lunch to take with you on your boat excursion this afternoon to the Inuit village of Kapisillit.

The Greenlandic people often go on vacation with their families in this deep fiord of Greenland, and you will understand why. The depth and the height of the mountains are awesome. Kapisillit is a unique place in Greenland. It is believed to be the only place on the Greenland landmass where the salmon travel up-river to spawn. It is also the last native settlement in the region, as the others have been abandoned.

The next day enjoy an early morning half-day boat trip to photograph icebergs and the surrounding fjords. You will photograph the immense landscape and may experience wildlife like whales, seals, birdlife, including white-tipped eagles. On your return to Nuuk harbor, you will walk back to the hotel, freshen up, and join Ron for a photography discussion at dinner. If the Northern Lights present themselves one of these evenings, Ron will take you to different vantage points around town to photograph the aurora.

Your last day will feature additional photography in Nuuk, with an evening boat excursion to a secluded area for night photography and possibly Northern Lights. Overnights Nuuk (B each day, one L, one D)

September 15: Greenland-Iceland

Ron will assist everyone in getting back to the to the Nuuk airport very early this morning (current flight time 10AM), where you will take your return flight to Keflavik, Iceland. The flight arrives in Iceland at approximately 3 p.m. (Keflavik time) where your local guide and vehicle will again take you on photo outings of the Reykjanes peninsula.

East of your accommodations is  an amazing geothermal area to photograph as well as a lovely church which you may visit at sunset or perhaps sunrise tomorrow. There will be additional photography around the hotel this evening. Overnight Keflavik or Grindavik (B)

September 16: Iceland-Home

The traditional Icelandic church is set in a very remote location. It is thought to have divine powers and dates to the 12th century. Return to the hotel for breakfast, after which check out and enjoy additional photography on the peninsula before returning to the airport by 2PM. The flight departure times for the US & Canada are around 4:30 p.m. or later. (B)